Why does the immune system attack beta cells

Why Does The Immune System Attack The Pancreas
Can diabetes be treated by blocking betacells destruction? Aunique approach to treating type 1 diabetes that protects insulin-producing cells from attack by the bodys immunesystem will be tested at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine in hopes that it could free patientsfrom the.

Study: There are Two Types of Beta Cells and One Resists Immune...
In type 1 diabetes, theimmunesystemattacks the insulin producing betacells, which over time largely stop being created by the pancreas due to it being a seemingly futile effort. However, some patients with type 1 even after many years, still have some existing betacells.

Why does our immune system attack perfectly healthy cells? - Quora
There are two "ways" that immunecells can attack "perfectly healthy" cells. One is more or less "by accident," in a process known as "bystander damage."

Why doesn't your immune system attack your own cells
Whydothecells of theimmunesystem usually not attack your own cells? \nYour own cells were created with certain "recognition" proteins on their cell membrane, which tells your immunesystem to ignore them when encountered. When this process fai…ls, we see many "auto-immune" diseases like.