Which statement is false regarding herbert hoover

Which one of the following statements is true of Herbert Hoover?
HerbertHoover was the 31st President of the United States in the early part of the 20th Century. A businessman by profession, his presidency was marked by the Great Depression and a time of great despair in the country. His first response to the depression was to keep the Federal government out of.

Herbert Hoover - Regarding Election of 1944 Older men declare war.
Quotes by HerbertHoover. Regarding Great Depression While the crash only took place six months ago, I am convinced that we have now passed the worst and with continuity of effort we shall rapidly recover. Address to the United States Chamber of Commerce, May 1.

Herbert Hoover Administration: Statement Endorsing Balfour...
HerbertHoover Administration. Hoover Endorses Funding for Jews of Eastern Europe (8/21/29). Hoover Expresses Support For Restoration of Jews in Their Homeland. Hoover’s Message to Allied Jewish Relief Campaign Representatives. Hoover’s Message to Jews Regarding 1929 Riots.