Where is the bladder located in the human body

Where is the bladder located in the human body?
Bladder cancer: A tumor inthebladder is usually discovered after blood is found inthe urine. Cigarette smoking and workplace chemical exposures cause most cases of bladder cancer. Urinary incontinence: Uncontrolled urination, which may be chronic. read more.

Where Is the Gall Bladder Located in the Human Body?
The gall bladder is located on the upper right section of the abdomen right below and behind the liver. Three inches long and half as wide, the small organ's function is to store and concentrate the bile produced by the liver and then release it into the small intestine's duodenum.

Where is the Bladder Located in the Body
Thebladder is an organ inthehumanbody that collects and stores the urine from the kidneys for later urination. To achieve this task thebladder is hollow and elastic, which allows it to stretch to as the urine accumulates.

Where is the bladder in a female human located? - theFAQs.org
Thebladder on a female human is located along the body's midsection at the inferior end of the pelvis. It is a small pouch like empty organ that is

Urinary Bladder Function, Location and Pictures in Males and Females
This humanbody organ is found inthe lower part and bladder function is to store the urine, thebladder picture explains more about it.