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Only the World War I Western Front could have produced the rationale for the Battle of Verdun. In his so-called Christmas Memo of 1915, Erich von Falkenhayn, the chief of the German General Staff, made a uniquely cynical proposal: not to take territory but to take lives...

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Verdun, Battle ofKey sites of the Battle of Verdun, taken from Encyclopædia Britannica's 13th edition (1926).

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The Battle of Verdun, fought between France and Germany in 1916, is the greatest in world history and caused over 700,000 casualties.

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The Battle of Verdun ended after 299 days. With a final French offensive the Germans lose Vacherauville and Louvemont. This means that the front line is basically back to where it was in February 1916.

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However, the battle was primarily found between the British and the Germans as the French were concentrating on Verdun where the troops were fighting the German army.

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The casualties from Verdun and the impact the battle had on the French Army was a primary reason for the British starting the Battle of the Somme in July 1916 in an effort to take German pressure off of the French at Verdun.

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One purpose of the battle was to draw German forces away from the Battle of Verdun; however, by its end the losses on the Somme had exceeded those at Verdun.

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The Battle of Verdun of 1916 was the longest battle of World War I. The siege of Verdun, which took place in France from February to

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This is an uphill battle towards the massive fortresses of Verdun. A constant grinding struggle where the artillery never stops."

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The Battle of Verdun began Feb. 21, 1916. Despite having evidence to suggest that the Germans were preparing to attack, the French were unprepared.

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The area in the French forest where the battle took place is still full of the remains of those who fought there almost 100 years ago. The Battle of Verdun took place in 1916 and was the longest single battle in military history.

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The initial idea of the German commander in chief Falkenhayn was to nail down the French in a position they were forced to defend at any cost (for reasons of historical and of national pride, the fortress of Verdun) and in doing so get bled to death loosing as many soldiers as possible (battle of attrition)...

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Where amd When did This extremely significant battle was taken place at Verdun-sur-Meuse, France, from February 21 to December 18 of 1916, making it the lengthiest battle of all in World War I. Yikes!

The Battle of Verdun was so bloody men called it the MEAT-GRINDER

The Battle of Verdun would last for ten months, making it the longest battle of the war, twice as long as any other.

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The French then began to regain their lost forts and territory and by the time Battle of Verdun ended on 18 December 1916, they were close to the line where the battle had started ten months earlier.

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Why did the battle occur? The Battle of Verdun began on 21 February 1916 at 7.15 am when the German army began pounding the forts and trenches with artillery fire.

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Afflerbach argues that it seems likely that Falkenhayn did not specifically design the battle to bleed the

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He spent most his life staying alone at hotels and chalets in Llangammarch Wells, an isolated village in Wales, where he was loved dearly by the locals.

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The German siege of Verdun was considered the longest battle of World War I, and was important to all sides.

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The battle of Verdun first sparked in February, 1916 and ended in December. It was a battle between Germany and France.

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After six days of fights, French win the battle of Marne and pursuit Germans retreating troops until the Aisne river where these arrive to recover.

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In the months to come some of the bloodiest combat of the Battle of Verdun, and indeed the entire war, would take place on the west

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It seems likely that Falkenhayn did not specifically design the battle to bleed the French Army, but justified ex-post-facto the motive of the Verdun offensive, despite its failure.

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The Battle of Verdun was one of the longest and bloodiest battles in human history, taking place during World War I. The

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And, for France and Germany, the battle would symbolize the terror of industrialized warfare, "a technocratic Moloch devouring its children," where no advance or retreat was

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In 1552 Henry II of France occupied Verdun, although the town did not officially belong French until 1648.

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Living conditions back during the time of the first World War where very different from the modern warfare that we have today.

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Nivelle Takes Over. Where Petain had been the defender of Verdun and had prevented its fall, Nivelle took the offensive.

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Powerful artillery cannons and the implementation of mustard gas turned battlegrounds into death zones, where the only way to survive was to build a trench and wait it

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Date- 1 March 1916- a week into the Battle of Verdun. Location- Hills north of Verdun-sur-Meuse in north-eastern France.

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Overview. Verdun is a multiplayer first person shooter set during World War I that aims to convey the intensity of trench warfare.

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The grey shaded areas on the map illustrate the main areas on the Western Front where the 1914-1918 battles took place.

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As our class was walking around the area where the Battle of Verdun took place we were lucky enough to have a great tour guide, Christina Holstein, walk along with us.

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This would be the third battle at Ypres, the other two having taken place in 1914, and 1915. Once Haig's army broke through, he envisioned it sweeping across the low plains and swinging north to the sea.

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Battle of Verdun - February 21, 1916 - December 18, 1916 - An attritional battle instigated by Germany to destroy the French Army -On the opening day of the battle, 1,220 German artillery

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The battle of the Somme was launched by the allies to try to take some of the pressure off of the French at Verdun.

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The Battle of Verdun in 1916 was a frontal assault, the most murderous in history, between France and Germany.

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They needed to ease the pressure that was put upon the French armies in the Battle of Verdun, where so many of their men went down to their deaths.

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While Austria-Hungary and Italy were busy making no progress, one of the most significant and longest battles of WWI took place in the town of Verdun in France.

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The idea was to threaten the French army in a place of significance, and to draw but not fully engage, them into a battle where the spirit of élan would be crushed under the

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By the time the Battle of Verdun drew to a close in December of 1916, it had been going on for nearly a year.

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From the roof of the fort we discuss the construction of the fortifications that circled Verdun and the launch of the battle in February 1916.

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Even in countries that were major combatants, like Britain and France, teaching is limited to the trenches of the Western front and a key national battle like the Somme or Verdun.

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A German soldier aims his rifle from a shallow fold in the ground near Fort Vaux with a dead French soldier on his left during the Battle of Verdun in 1916.

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And, so, at that point the French rush every conceivable soldier into the Battle of the Marne, which takes place basically between

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For the first few days of the battle, it looked as if Verdun would fall, but Joffre decreed that the city would not fall, and sent General Henri Petain to hold it.

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It was also one of the earliest wars where cameras were small enough and quick enough to reliably capture unposed scenes of battle.

With noble intentions but scrappy delivery, Verdun is a bit of a mess.

Set in an and around the major theatres of France, here two teams of 16 players battle for control of

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To the east the French line curved north-east to the fortress town of Verdun, and then south towards the Swiss border.

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From the evidence of German deserters it is known that the attack was originally intended to take place a month or two hence, when the ground was dry.