When is it cheapest to buy plane tickets

When to buy plane tickets - What days are the cheapest to travel?
Never buy your planetickets more than about four months before your departure date. Why? Because no one is discounting those seats yet, so you'll pay top dollar—which

Where and when is it profitable to buy plane tickets?
Whenit is advantageous tobuyplanetickets for connecting flights, why not stay at the transit point to inspect it? Stopover - this is when you stay in city C, following between airports A and B, for a period of one to three days. Many air carriers provide this opportunity absolutely free of charge, sometimes for.

When it is cheaper to buy plane tickets? Ticket promotions, airline...
Whencheap flights from Russia? Whenit's cheapertobuyplanetickets fromRussia? According to statistics, it is most profitable to leave here from mid-January to the end of February. Compared with the peak prices that are observed here in August, the cost of tickets in the winter falls by about 35%.

Is it cheaper to buy plane tickets at the airport counter? - Quora
When you are buying through the agent they might have special bulk rates. Planetickets at the airport are sold at the regular price + additional fees for the booth maintenance.