What is the major economic activity of the atlantic provinces

What economic activities are important in the Atlantic Provinces
What economicactivity died out in the maritime provinces? Maritime Economics, or Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL), isthe holistic and integrated study of ocean transportation (shipping); port and terminal management; and globa…l supply chain management. The concept was introduced.

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council presentation - [PPTX Powerpoint]
357 major investment projects in various stages of development across Atlantic Canada with a total potential value of $100 billion Source: APEC Major Projects Inventory Total Value of APEC’s Major Projects Inventory, $billion 2

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MajorEconomic Indicators” are numbers that you can look at to try to get a picture of how well the economy is doing. Different indicators measure different parts oftheeconomy, but their main characteristic is that they measure the same thing in the same way over time. This means that you.