What is the fifth note of a scale called

What are the notes of a scale called?
Note that such labeling requires the choice ofa "first" note; hence scale-degree labels are not intrinsic to the scale itself, but rather to its modes.

The Pentatonic Scale - Understanding the 5 Note Scale
A pentatonic-scale consists of fivenotes and is also called a five tone or fivenotescale. This type of scale has no semitone and uses mostly whole tone or

What Are Pentatonic Scales in Music Theory?
The forming tones of the pentatonic scale were derived from a concept of the solar system and its five planets by Pythagoras in his theory called "Music of the Spheres."

Scales and Key Signatures - The Method Behind the Music
Since some notes will always be sharp once transposed or in certain scales, it is sometimes helpful to place accidentals at the very beginning ofa piece