What is a profit and loss account used for

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Aprofitandlossaccount (also known as P&L) is one of two main statements (the other is the balance sheet) that is prepared to measure the performance and position for a business for a period of time - ie a month, quarter or year. The following video uses practical, true-to-life examples to guide you.

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Whatisaprofitandlossaccountusedfor? The profits shown in your profitandlossaccount are used to calculate both income tax and corporation tax. Failure to file either of these correctly can result in you paying added interest and penalties, so it’s important to get this report right.

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Gross profit or loss of a business is ascertained through trading account and net profit is determined by deducting all indirect expenses (business operating

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AProfitandLoss (P & L) or income statement measures a company's sales and expenses over a specified period of time. You can use this guide to create aprofitandloss statement for your

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P&L account is used to determine Net Profit or Net Loss of an organization for a given accounting period. P&L appropriation account is usedfor allocation and distribution of Net Profit among partners, reserves and dividends. Made by.

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A P&L suspense account is used to record some fictitious profits for the purpose of settlement of share of profits to a deceased partner. It isa fictitious asset/adjusting asset usedfor calculation purposes and not recorded in the books of accounts. Also, sometimes, when the books of Account.