What happens to child support if i lose my job

What happens to my alimony & child support obligation if I lose my...
lower paying job to lower your support obligation. As stated by our court’s, "where a layoff is followed by a shift to a job that does not draw on prior skills

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I've been paying childsupport on time with no problems for the last year (since its been required by court) but my full time job just ended. The place I worked for decided to end my position as they no longer require it to operate. What should I do now about my childsupport?

What Happens to My Child Support Payments If I Lose My Job?
Most childsupport orders require a non-custodial parent charged with paying childsupport to provide health insurance for their child. If a parent loses his or her job, he or she will also lose health insurance. Often, an employee is entitled to continue health insurance benefits through COBRA.

What happens to my child tax credits if i loose my job?
I understand, this school is so money hungry, not only do they charge you for 12hours, the read more. You have to pay for each class separately and can loose financial aid for not being a full read more.

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52% - Ilosemyjob how i modify childsupport florida? 58% - Can ilose medicaid ifi dont reply tochildsupport?