What drink comes in a blue bottle

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Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry was changed from a green bottle to blue, quite some time ago. Blue is a colour associated with medicines, and probably a poor choice for drinks.

What comes in blue glass bottles
Bawls Guarana is bottled in blue glass bottles. It's an energy drink containing natural guarana flavor and a relatively high amount of caffeine

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I've seen some people around drinking something that comesina dark-blue glass bottle with a screw-off lid. The name starts with S and is

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BlueBottle Sweet Moscato Wine BlueBottle Bright BlueBottle of Moscato Blu Products Water Bottle Sparkling Dark BlueBottle Moscato Holiday Wine

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All beer bottles allow in some degree of light, although brown glass lets in less than clear or green. When a certain amount of ultraviolet light hits certain molecules in beer, it spoils the beer, and causes it to smell and taste bad. This is why bottles of beer are often packaged in cardboard containers that.