What does case size mean on a watch

What does in case mean
Whatdoescasemeanon Poptropica? The word "case" may be used to mean a study or investigation. On Spy island, the case is the location and rescue of the 3

How do you measure watch case size
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What Do These Inscriptions Inside My Pocket Watch Case Mean?
During the pocket watch era, it was typical for watches to be serviced ona regular basis, especially when used in railroad service. With so many watches coming in and out of the shop, most watchmakers devised a system to record service and repairs in a master ledger.

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A pocket watch can have various casesizes depending on the style and design. The case diameter is good for knowing how big the pocket watch is overall, if it will fit in

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Casing a joint definition. Whatdoes the expression case the joint mean? Learn English idioms with other words and phrases at Writing Explained.