What does case size mean on a watch

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What we are talking about is mostly the diameter of a watch case (usually measured in millimeters) and to an extent the thickness of a case.

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Watch Sizing Guide. Note: Sizes may vary depending on screen resolution. For accurate sizing, please print this page at 100%.

What does WATCH CASE mean?

Meaning of WATCH CASE. What does WATCH CASE mean? Information and translations of WATCH CASE in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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1) Does 'case size' refer to the "north south" dimensions of the watch body i.e. from leg end to lug end across the diameter of the face. This can of course mean that the actual watch face is considerably smaller then the stated dimension.

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Case Size Matters. Watch case diameter is the most significant and noticeable element when it comes to selecting the right watch.

What does CASE stand for?

What does CASE mean? This page is about the various possible meanings of the acronym, abbreviation, shorthand or slang term: CASE.

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"Case disposed"in Courtview typically means the case is over (at least temporarily as I explain below), either via plea deal, trial, or dismissal.

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But either way "case closed" just means that the judge has made his final determination and the matter is now closed/finished.

What Does "In That Case" Mean?

I need a better explanation on the phrase "in that case". For example, if someone says "in that case, he is stronger." What does it mean exactly? thanks.

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It means the plaintiff moved to have the case removed from the courts docket. If you filed an answer prior to their striking their complaint, they generally cannot

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Case adjudication is the formal resolution of a case by the pronouncement of a judgment or decree by the court. The term applies to both civil and criminal cases.

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Which leads to the question: What is a Swiss movement? They have a ready answer, of course: What does the word "Geneve" on a watch mean? What's the difference between a mechanical movement and a quartz movement?

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Does this mean that if you buy the existing model of that watch (reference 15202), it will increase in value as well? No, it is not that simple. Especially if you paid list price, you are going to take a severe hit if you want to sell it soon after you bought it.

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Hi All, When a company says their shoes run "True To Size", Exactly what does that mean? Let's see, in Nike I wear a size 11. Balenciaga Size 43.

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SC disposed this case, it does mean no more hearing for the case ( even by lower court/High court). Case is been closed. If you feel, you have strong ground to run the case then you can file objection for this.

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3 What do the serial number on the case back mean? 4 Why do all Casio promotional photos show 10:58 as the time? 5 What watch is in the photo at the top banner of the Watchuseek G-Shock Forum?

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Your case will remain pending until it reaches a disposition. When your case is disposed, it is finished and removed from the court's docket.

What does it mean when my court case is adjourned and rescheduled?

Sometimes, a case is adjourned sine die, which means it has been adjourned without another date being set.

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The slim cases, traditional sizes, and absence of too many bells and whistles means there is nothing to overwhelm skinny wrists.

"Off The Record" - What Does It Really Mean?

The recent case of The Australian newspaper reporting the supposedly off-the-record comments of embattled senator, Ross Lightfoot, illustrates the potential for background briefings to go awry. So here is a background briefing on speaking off-the-record. Firstly what does it mean?

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And for those cases where his vote did not influence the outcome either way (if, for example, he was part of a dissenting minority), they will proceed as usual.

What does large handwriting mean - Size of handwriting

Know what large handwriting means and what it says about personality of people with large handwriting.

One Crucial Issue in Pledge Case: What Does 'Under God' Mean?

But before the justices can decide whether those two words render the pledge unconstitutional, they have to answer a factual question that is inextricably entwined with the legal one: what exactly does it mean to pledge allegiance to ''one nation under God''?

Small Hands or Big Hands: What does Hand Size mean in Palmistry?

- Big Hands Meaning. The LARGER the hand, the more these people tend to enjoy getting into the SMALL details of things, and they get satisfaction from doing it

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We can not only delve into the physical meaning of process size, but also its impact on power consumption and cost.

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So, to clarify, this means that a watch with a 44mm case diameter should have a 22mm wristband. There is a slight difference depending on whether you are opting for a sports watch or a dress watch.

If a case status is "disposed", what does that mean?

I have a case that has been sitting since 2004. I was arrested but never went to court. Now my case status states "disposed". What does that mean? When I looked at each charge individually status says "disposition entered".

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Some pages on our website have a low bounce rate and are less than a minute is sepct on the page. What does that mean? Thank you.

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To determine your width, you can take a ruler or caliper, and measure the width of the part of the strap that uses spring bars / screws to attach to your watch case.

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The size of the ESC is the case above is 20A (the biggest font as it is the most important information), and the other information to to the right is smaller writing.

What does O(1) mean?

What does this mean, the growth function consists of a constant. In the context of algorithms and run-time analysis, it means with respect to the input size of the problem that the algorithm will execute in constant time. Hope this helps!

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What does GPRS on my iPhone mean? This means you are using an aging GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) network to access the internet.

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Not only does he provide a wide variety of cases (from market-sizing to acquisition opportunity to dipping

What does "sigue asi" mean? - SpanishDict Answers

What does it mean? Without the sentence for context it's difficult to be precise, but it may be similar to etc. (et cetera) or et al (and the like).

Man gropes waitress at the restaurant, what she does next will blow...

It is clearly visible that a man gropes the victim while she is busy doing her stuff but once he moves ahead the girl gets hold of him and pushes him hard.

What does it mean when your poop is stringy?

What does it mean when your poop is stringy? Last reviewed Tue 17 July 2018 Last reviewed Tue 17 Jul 2018.