What do guys think about nipple piercings

Guys weigh in on clit and nipple piercings.

Tattoos and body piercings used to be considered taboo, but not anymore. Today, getting a nipple piercing or septum ring is practically de rigueur and having a tattoo is the new norm.

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What motivates women to get nipple piercings? This may bring us back to the question," Do guys like nipple piercings?"

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Some people love piercings in prospective dates, some hate them. Here's what's important to remember: It doesn't matter what men think.

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(I have no qualms with LGBT persons with nipple piercings, but that doesn't happen to apply to me.) I'm a 30-ish year-old guy and I already have my tongue pierced and I've been thinking about getting my nipples pierced as well.

A Guide to Male Piercings - GQ - Nipple Piercings Hurt. Obviously.

Instead, be the guy who thoroughly researched his piercing (and piercer!) before he got a needle shoved through his ear, nose, eyebrow

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LinkedIn0. Most guys would have no problem with a girl that has a belly piercing. Some guys will even regard that as sexy.

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That sounds really strange, but when you have nipple piercings, you find yourself discussing the ups and downs of having your nipples pierced to anyone and

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Cantwell says that thankfully, nipple piercing infections are pretty rare these days due to the sterile environments and techniques used by qualified piercers.

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What would you guys think if your girl friend just randomly got her nipples pierced? Is it a sign of bad things to come (boob slut) or is she just nuts.?

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Personally, I think a piercing or two on the face is fine (but not more than 4-5ish). Afterall, unless you are wearing huge earrings, how many people will actually notice them? (since they are covered by your hair).

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About Nipple Piercings. Nipple piercing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A nipple piercing is a piercing, centered usually at the base of the nipple.

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Rarely seen by anyone except the wearer, nipple piercings are sexier than other more obvious embellishments on account of their subtlety.

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However, the thought of a 12-gauge needle puncturing my tits sounded excruciating and stopped me in my tracks. I opted for a sternum piercing instead.

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...Piercing Parlour in Manchester for a few answers and if it makes you feel any better, you're definitely not alone guys. Credit: Supplied. LADbible: Hi there. So nipple piercings and cold weather, not

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Nothing, no other piercing or tattoo, compared to the pain yet satisfaction of my nipple piercing. The thought of taking my shirt off in front of a

What Your Piercing Says About You

Nipple piercings: You are a closet freak. Bridge piercing: You're alternative, and not afraid to own your body mod. Eyebrow piercing: You want to look tougher than you actually are.

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Hey guys. Got both my nipples pierced last weekend. They are very inverted so i thought this may help.

Hey guys! Wondering if any of you could help me out here..

And I can't undo the barbell. I'm very worried. Do you think if I go down there they'll have a way to unscrew them somehow? As dumb as it sounds, I don't want to lose my nipples. Any of you been there? What would you guys do?

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Yes straight guys get their nipple pierced. Of most piercing I would say the nipple piercing is the most "manly" of guy piercings.

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My Nipple Piercings. 29 июня 2013 г. 4:47:47 00:06:25 Narylfiel Nymph Теги Правообладателям Жалоба Поделиться.

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It doesn't strike them as the kind of piercing I'd have, haha. Especially ones who didn't know me as 'that little punk chick' in school. [...]

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Kendall Jenner Debuts Pierced Nipples as She Goes ... wearing a see-through white dress and no bra that appears to reveal a recent nipple piercing.

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Why do so many models have nipple piercings?:blink: I looove it on them. On any others it looks weird. :innocent: I was wondering to myself the same....

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The guy had been asking me for pictures for about a year. He added me on Snapchat and more or less every day sent a message asking to see my bum.

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Hey what do you guys think about Columbus? Click to expand... Please stay on topic This thread has nothing to do with Columbus.

Changing All 9 Of My Tongue Piercings!

Wow, I think I never seen that many piercings in a tongue Can you make a vid without the tongue rings (close up ) showing the piercing holes and another one of your belly button if you had it pierced?

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NIPPLE. It is advisable to sleep in a cotton tank top or tee shirt especially if you have any pets that get on or in your bed. Many women find sleeping in a bra or sports bra to be comfortable with a healing nipple piercing.

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finishing up one of our latest build the renegade 33 cuddy cabin[/url][/url] give me your thoughts, do you like the graphics? i love the matching t-top graphics! Back to top. IP Logged. Captain YARRR. Admin Offline. Doing the rain dance. Posts: 2587 Round Rock, TX Gender: Re: what do you guys think...

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Okay guys and girls, I decided to get my nipples pierced. It was painful, but the second one didn't hurt as bad as the first. I'm just wondering if anyone else

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(Original post by hcostello91) I'm thinking of getting my nipple pierced. Do guys think they're attractive or not?

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An eyebrow ring and a lip ring, placed on opposite sides. What do you think? 43. Bridge, Nasallang, Dahlia bites and shark bites. Wow!

The Horror Behind Nipple Piercings - Well, at least for yours truly.

I am in no way against getting your nipples pierced because back in January, I got mine done. My best friend and I drove down to Chitown Tattoo, my go-to tattoo and piercing parlor, to do something we thought was a right of passage, and of course, something totally badass.

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again with the piercings baby? im gonna think you is a phreak lol. actually i know you are so what do you have pierced anyways? and to answer your question..NO nipple rings for men at all....and personally i dont like it on a woman either, my sis...

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Nipple piercings would obviously fucking hurt. They are in fact not badass on guys and no one in this world thinks that.

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Ask the clients getting piercing there. Check if the piercer keeps hygienic standards, for example, washing his hands before handling the task. Think About the Advantages and Disadvantages of Nipple Piercing

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Hey guys, I wanted to share with you the new piercing I recently got. I hope this video is helpful to those of you who are thinking ...

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Guys- do you find them attractive etc. And if any of you have your nipples pierced what does it feel like? Does it get caught on anything?

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Nipple piercings can be pricey, so it's important to think things through before getting your nipple à la Rihanna (see below).