What do guys think about nipple piercings

What do guys think about nipple piercings? - GirlsAskGuys
OK I am thinking of getting my nipplespierced, and maybe my clit too I don't know I am really afraid of the clit piercings because what if I lose feeling or something OMG I'LL DIE! but I thinknipplepiercings are hot, I kind of want one so a few questions, whatdoguysthink of them?

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7. Doguys like piercednipples? PRO: Boys love it. CON: It is now infected, sorry. (Seriously, calm down, guys.) 8. Do you have to remove the hardware?

Are nipple piercings attractive on straight men? - Ask MetaFilter
I like nipplepiercings on guys, prefer barbells to rings, and two to one. The caveat is that I'm a queer woman, and am mostly used to seeing them on queer guys. I'm in the "do what you want - it's your body" camp.

What do you think of nipple piercings? (32 replies)
I only had one girlfriend with a piercednipple and I always liked to suck and play with the one that was not pierced- better the natural one than the metallic one, besides her piercednipple was often sore from getting caught in her