What are long term complications of diabetes

Diabetes Complications
This long-term measure of blood glucose is important for people with diabetes as the higher their HbA1c value, the greater the risk of developing serious diabeticcomplications. By reducing HbA1c and keeping blood pressure and cholesterol levels well controlled, people with diabetes can reduce.

Type 2 Diabetes Complications - How to Prevent Short- and...
Short-termcomplicationsof type 2 diabetesare hypoglycemia (very low blood glucose) and hyperosmolar hyperglycemic nonketotic syndrome (HHNS), which is very high blood glucose. Long-termcomplicationsof type 2 arediabetic retinopathy, kidney disease (nephropathy), diabetic.

Long Term Complications of Diabetes
The list of longtermcomplicationsof this disease is pretty exhaustive. These complicationsare mainly associated with heart, blood vessels, nerves, eyes

Long Term Complications of Diabetes
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