Use a router as an access point

How to turn an old Wi-Fi router into an access point - CNET
Now Router B, when connected to Router A usinga network cable, will work asa both a switch (allowing you to use its LAN port to add wired devices to the network) and anaccesspoint. You can always login to either router's interface using their IP address -- (Router A) or.

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The router I use is a VoIP router witch allows me to usea traditional phone with a VoIP service. I got to thinking a little about it and read up some and it looks like one option is to buy another wireless router and a wireless accesspoint and then use my VoIP router off the accesspoint.

using a modem/Router(with wifi) as an Access Point only.
To be more specific, The modem router is a Netgear B90 7550 from AT&T that Ive had sitting in a closet for about a year. works fine but I would rather just use it asanaccesspoint, so a few questions. 1. Are there any particular tutorials for this particular question. .

What is the Difference Between Access Point and Router?
Accesspoints are used for extending the wireless coverage of an existing network and for increasing the number of users that can connect to it. A high-speed Ethernet cable runs from arouter to anaccesspoint, which transforms the wired signal into a wireless one. Wireless connectivity is typically.

Configuring a second router as a WiFi access point using Tomato by...
I spent some time looking into “bridge mode” and “routing tables” before figuring out that the way to accomplish this is to configure the second routerasanaccesspoint”. Here is a network diagram with the second router highlighted. Here are detailed instructions for configuring that router when it is.