The bill of rights was ratified in

Ratifying the Bill of Rights . . . in 1939 – Pieces of History
Once theBillofRightswasratified by three-fourths of the states in 1791, it became part of the law of the land, and there was no legal need for any further ratifications. At the time Virginia ratified, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Georgia had not sent their approvals to Congress.

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TheBillofRightswasratifiedin 1791. It wasratified after the Constitution because before 1788, there was no BillofRights. 1788 was the year when 9 of the 13 states had ratified the Constitution, and that was enough to put the Constitution into effect.

The Original Bill of Rights Had 12 Amendments, Not 10
TheBillofRights, originally in the form of 12 amendments was submitted to the legislatures of the states for their consideration on September 28, 1789, and wasratified by the required three-fourths (then 11) states in the form of 10 amendments on December 15, 1791.

The Bill of Rights: Its History and its Significance
Introduction & History of theBillofRights. The original Constitution, as proposed in 1787 in Philadelphia and as ratified by the states, contained very few individual rights guarantees, as the framers were primarily focused on establishing the machinery for an effective federal government.