Should people be allowed to smoke in public places

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I believe peopleshouldbeallowedtosmokein open publicplaces, such as a sidewalk or a park. I do not believe peopleshouldsmoke indoors, but ultimately I feel that shouldbe left up to the business owners, as they shouldbe able to decide what is right for their business.

In modern society, whether or not people should be allowed to...
In conclusion, people have varied viewpoints on controlling smokinginpublic. However, I am certainly in favor of the rule that peopleshouldbe definitely

Smoking Should be Banned in all Public Places
Because smokingis not allowedinpublic, peopleare only allowedtosmokein their homes. This would mean that as long as they are out of their

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Smokingshould definatly be banned inpublicplaces. The places they do allowsmoking might lose a bit of money, but it will also help with the health

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While some people feel that smokinginpublicplacesshould remain since it is their right, smokinginpublicplacesshouldbe banned because second-hand smoke will endanger

First hand smokers must not be allowed to smoke in public places.
Smokingshouldbe banned inpublicplaces. The people, who smoke, are increasing/growing day by day through the worldwide/ all over the world

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Smokinginpublicplaces can cause innocent people to be subject to secondhand smoke and cause them to suffer the same consequences as the

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Most people feel that smokingshould not beallowed in a restaurant because it’s a “family oriented business”, and there “might be children around”.