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What is the plot of Their Eyes were watching God
Yes, there is symbolism in "Theirseyeswerewatchinggod". You will actually have to sit down and read the story, because there are a few. You have symbolism in the pear tree…, the gate, the mule, the bee, the rags that bind Janie's hair and a few others.

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Zora Neale Hurston’s TheirEyesWereWatchingGod opens with a lyrical passage in which Janie Starks returns to Eatonville, where she had previously lived. The other townspeople observe her in judgment and speculate about what has brought her back.

Plot in Their Eyes Were Watching God by Hurston Zora - Bartleby
In the novel TheirEyesWereWatchingGod by Zora Neale Hurston, the main character , Janie, is forced to conform with the accepted standards of society and marry a man who has amassed wealth and land. Janie is told by her elders that she must get married. Her grandmother, who takes care of…