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- My 90 lt tank (1 month old)has:3 plants 7 adult platy 2 fry from 4 weeks ago 11 fry born yesterday and 3 yoyo loach added yesterday...

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Platy Staying At Top Of Tank. Klew123, Mar 5, 2014, in forum: Tropical Fish Emergencies.

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Platy fish staying at bottom of tank. Is my platy pregnant?

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I've never owned fish, so I don't know fishes habits; but maybe he is one of those creatures that naturally stays on the bottom of the tank?

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The common platy (Xiphophorus), also known as the southern platyfish or mickey mouse platy is a small, popular live-bearing fish.

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She is not swimming (staying at top or bottom of tank) for the past couple of days.

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Is there something wrong with my fish? She is very active at times and then other times she stays at the top a lot, and

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All about: The platy fish - Duration: 4:11. glennorky fish channel 93,805 views.

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Why does my Betta fish stay at the top of the tank with. Bettas are by nature very quiet, slow moving, fish and the usual place for one to be in an aquarium, is tucked away in a corner quietly minding its own business.

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What does it mean when a fish stays at the top of the water? What kind of fish can i put in my tank with cory pandas? What size fish tank do I need for a snake? Will two different species of clown fish fight one another?

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Many (but probably not all) of your platy fry will survive in a community tank if it contains enough plants for them to hide in.[9]. A breeding trap is a plastic box with small holes that goes inside a fish tank.

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Why do some fish stay at the top of a fish tank? In the wild, the upper layers are generally safer than the deep. Also, freshwater fish such as hatchetfish can receive insects that fall from above.

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About a week later, we noticed that our smallest sunset platy seemed a bit bloated and hid herself among the rocks at the bottom.

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Bettas are of far less interest to me than some other fish. I'd rather have a small gourami, a platy, etc. The main two traits I'm looking for are primarily staying at the top half of the tank, and brightly colored.

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Here are some parameters that you need to notice when keeping platy fish. Tank mates.

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The Mickey Mouse Platy is also known as the Moonfish or the Southern Platyfish, and is a hybrid color variation of Xiphophorus maculatus platy.

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Hi, I need some help. My platy has started sitting at the bottom of the tank not moving, she's female.

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About betta fish: Betta Fish Stays At Top Of Tank. My betta fish, Tips and info for a healthy betta fish.

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He is laying on the floor of the tank and eats very little only one or two pellets. What could be wrong with my fish? A: Sluggishness and appe...

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Other fish, such as bettas, breathe air from outside the tank, so they stay near the top.

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They most def stay at the top of the water exclusively. I've had them... however as they get bigger... some of those smaller community fish could be at risk... although mine never ate anything but pellets and flakes...

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If you come back 10 minutes later and there are still fresh flakes floating in or at the top of your fishes tank, then you have a problem.

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Detail Images. Current Color. Platypus Platy Water Tank. $37.95 - $42.95. Free 2-Day shipping on orders over $50.

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Platy fish one of the freshwater fishes, they are livebearers , similar to other fishes like guppy and molly.

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Try to give your Platy Fish a variety of diets, they will eat fish pellets and flakes, vegetables, frozen dried and live foods. They are a very colorful fish that does well in a community tank due to their peaceful nature.


Platies General Description. The Platy fish is a freshwater fish belonging to the genus Xiphophorus that is commonly lumped in with other livebearers like Swordtails, Mollies, and Guppies.

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They generally stay near the middle and top of a tank, and socialize in their school. They don't need as big of a school as some fish, but you should have at least 3 (and at least a 10 gallon tank).

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Platy Care and Breeding. Platy is a tropical freshwater fish that belongs to the same group or family of fish (Peociliidae) similar to the swordtail. Because of that, both species can actually interbreed with each other if placed in the same aquarium fish tank.

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Red Wagtail Platy - Tropical Fish - Hardy and Colourful - Community Fish. £9.75.

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Platy fish care is as easy as its other family members (Poeciliidae) like the guppy and molly.

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My fish had been hanging around the top of the tank for the past couple days, I thought it might have been too much CO2 but drop checker was always nice green and never went yellow, but I turned it down anyways til DC was dark forest green.

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Why Does my Glo Fish stay at the Top of my Tank ? more. Publication date : 07/12/2015.

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Freshwater Fish for Beginners. When starting out your tank, you should choose the type of aquarium you would like to set up first (cold water or warm water).

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Breeding the platy fish is very easy. Because there live breeders makes them so easy to breed. you should have 4 fish to start out with. the ratio of 2 male and 2 female. they should start to breed after they get used to there tank settings.

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The platy is considered one of the top beginner fish. They can be kept in a smaller tank than the swordtail, but they like to have friends, and are friendly and active. Pop some plants in the water and they're good to go.

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Tank fish tips. Large resource of pictures and articles on freshwater and saltwater fish.

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This fish is unusual in shape, silvery in color and hangs out at the top of the water.

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Why dose my fish stay at the top of the tank and hide. Загружено 8 января 2018. What is going on with my Tank. Please help! Загружено 25 сентября 2014. Malawi cichlids gasping for air at top of tank.

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Platy (xiphophorus) is a very popular tropical freshwater fish species held by aquarists around the world.

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Такие транспортные средства выпускаются в больших количествах, а прототипом всему послужил fish staying at the top of tank. Такая техника позволила одержать многочисленные победы в боях, спасти жизни бойцов, провести многочисленные боевые операции.

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Prepare a separate tank for the fry, a tank whose water matches the conditions of the water in which they were born. Use a plastic scoop or net to gently remove the fry and place them in the separate tank.

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Platy Fish are another great tankmate for Molly Fish. They are typically small in size and fast swimmers making them equal competition.

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The only fish I see swimming near the top is my betta. Other than that, the top part of my aquarium looks empty.

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Define fish tank. fish tank synonyms, fish tank pronunciation, fish tank translation, English dictionary definition of fish tank. Noun 1. fish tank - a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals aquarium, marine museum fish bowl, fishbowl

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Platy Species > Quick Stats. Food: Since they are omnivorous these fish will generally eat all kinds of live fresh and flake foods.

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Tank Top Fin Luna Lounge 150 Gallon Cichlids Guppies & Catfish Tank Aqua1 Community 120L Wife's Betta Aqueon 20 Hex Community Fish mollie alcove Den

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I have 7 fish; dwarf gourami, coryX2, zebra loachesX3, and platy. as you can see, 5 of the 7 are bottom feeders, and my gourami kind of hangs around the bottom.

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Visible in this one are a flame dwarf gourami, some kind of yellow-and-black-and-orange platy that I think might be pregnant, another yellow-and-orange platy, two Bolivians rams, several zebra danios, neon black tetras, a baby rainbow fish, a couple of mollies and some

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fish tank, fish food, 10 fish including a 300ml pleck/catfish...external pump, heater, ornaments, rocks, nets everything you need...

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Film on the top of a betta's tank could be due to protein residue in the water, a colony of bacteria invading the tank or high romantic hopes on the part of your betta.

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Just never seen my fish stay at the bottom of the tank for a long period of time. I get that they sleep like that, but they're awake and doing it. So I thought maybe the tanks more dirty than I thought?

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Maybe the top (location) filter cannot circulate the tall tank? Advice????? Want want fish fish!

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Common Fish Tank Sizes and Characteristics. The following table lists many of the most common sized fish tanks, along with dimensions, weight (empty and full), and whether the tank has a tempered glass bottom or not.

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While this means there are a lot of things to help you take care of your home fish tank, it can also lead to confusion for first time aquarium owners.

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Many people have experienced with this fish and reported theirs so that you can get some useful advice. Below are top 10 best betta fish tank reviews that you can rely on for reference.

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World of Tanks Vehicle Analyzer assesses key vehicle performance based on five critical areas

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I do have one little tank that I am unable to heat, which houses a young male betta who was purchased as a female (But quickly showed us that he was very much a male), and it stays at only about 73*.

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If this rule was taken literally, it would mean that in order to have 10 one-inch fish in a single tank then a 100 gallon fish tank would be needed.

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Fish tank size is a debatable issue in itself. Everyone has their own freedom and money to spend while picking up a fish tank.

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Aquariums Fish Tanks, Connected Fish Tanks, Acrylic Aquariums and Instructions, Guide To building an Acrylic Fish Tank or Fish Tank Tube.

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However, our fish could stay alive indefinitely if we could put oxygenated water through its gills and keep it wet. It would not matter about the size of the tank. An aerator is to a fish, what a snorkel is to us!

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the 40 gallon fish tank (also available in 50 gallon). light fixture, but no bulbs (this is a good alternative aquarium light). the top of the tank can be covered with the light fixture (whether there is a bulb in it or not).

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Weak Spots. Having covered all the sides of a tank but one, the time has come to discuss the front. As aforementioned, this is the most armoured part for a large majority of tanks, especially when it comes to heavy tanks.

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Self Cleaning Aquarium Reviews: Top Rated Units of 2017. Exploring The Best Bow Front Aquariums for Your Home. Best Acrylic Fish Tanks that Money Can Buy in 2017.

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This began as the top fish the one and only fish that is considered the best by all anglers in the world.

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When selecting the perfect tropical fish tank, be sure to think about the fish tank shape. Tropical fish tanks come in a wide variety of shapes.

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Tanks come in a variety of sizes and fish add fun and activity to any room! Fish are also great for kids and adults alike.

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Just add water, pond plants, and fish! Top 10 DIY Aquarium Ideas For Your Next Aquarium Project. Sea Bunnies: Japan Is Going Crazy About These Furry Sea Slugs.

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Best Fish Tank podcasts we could find (Updated May 2018) Related podcasts: Pet Fish Fish Breeding Tropcical Fish Fish Tanks Aquarium Fish Tanks Lifestyle Aquariums Tank Reef Animals and Pets Pets Hobbies Science Planted Marine Pet Saltwater Tropical Fish Tank public [search 0].