Peripheral vascular disease vs peripheral arterial disease

About Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) - American Heart Association
Peripheralarterydisease is a narrowing of the peripheralarteries serving the legs, stomach, arms and head. (“Peripheral” in this case means away from

Peripheral Vascular Disease Signs, Symptoms & Causes
Peripheralvasculardisease (peripheralarterydisease or PVD) is a disease that causes narrowing of blood vessels to the the body (other than the brain and heart). Symptoms may include buttock pain, tingling in the legs, and leg pain when walking. Lifestyle changes, medication, and surgery are.

Peripheral Vascular Disease: Background, Pathophysiology, Prognosis
Peripheralvasculardisease (PVD) is a nearly pandemic condition that has the potential to cause loss of limb or even loss of life. PVD manifests as insufficient tissue perfusion initiated by existing atherosclerosis acutely compounded by either emboli or thrombi. Many people live daily with.