Leg feels warm but not to the touch

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Helpful, trusted answers from doctors: Dr. Zuzukin on legsfeel cold but warmtouch: An increase in the temperature of the knee can be due to many things such as gout, infection, inflammation of the bursa, or due to tendon, cartilage

I have a warm sensation in my lower right leg but it's not
I can feel the warmth in my leg, but its not warmtothetouch. No discoloration and no bruising, just a warmingfeeling that comes a… read more.

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So long as it feelswarm and not hot, is not getting red, puffy or swollen, and there is no drainage (especially yellow or whitish) and no unusual pain, the wound is most likely healing well. Also, be on the lookout for any reddish streaking coming from the wound- not a good sign either. Of course, when in.

Around my left kidney I get a sudden feeling of extreme heat that lasts...
Warmfeeling in left foot? hay im the person who has asked this question(: i have looked on nearly every single page on Google about this -and there is no answer I am a healthy average weight 14 year …old teenage girl -and this feeling has no pain -but just feels really weird and random.