Is aquarius a water or air sign

Is Aquarius a water or air sign in horoscopes

[2] [3] . Aquarius is NOT a water sign, but an AIR sign. The water is symbolic of knowledge, usually spiritual. . Swimming in water is using it for a different purpose to, e.g. carrying it in a container.

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Aquarius (the Water-Bearer) is the 11th sign of the Zodiac, and the last of the Air Signs. Although, like the other Air Signs the Aquarian is a thinker, although they tend to "think different."

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The Water-bearer is actually an Air sign whose dual nature creates a unique, intellectual, and social individual who cares deeply for community and mankind. While Aquarius prefers ideas over emotions, their stimulating personality earns them fast friends.

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This symbol resembles waves in the ocean, making it easy to associate with the Aquarian Water Bearer.

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Although classified as an air sign according to its elemental qualities, Aquarius is in many ways the forgotten 'water sign', with its name simply meaning 'related to water', and much of its symbolic signification emerging from the water bearer's act of libation.

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The symbol for Aquarius is the Water-bearer, symbolizing community and mankind. The waters of life flow like ideas coming from the unrestrained mind. Surprisingly, Aquarians are not Water signs, but intellectual Air signs, interested in high concepts and ideas.

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Intellectual Air sign Aquarius, born in the middle of winter-making it a solid yet stubborn Fixed sign-basically has this snowed in, cabin fever genius year round.

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The Air signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are associated with thought, perspective and communication. Combined with other elements, air feels that water will obscure it, earth will suffocate it, but fire will inspire and uplift it.

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Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, the mystical healer who bestows water, or life, upon the land.

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The man who carries the pitcher of water is the symbol for this sign. This is because Aquarians are often generous with their time and resources.

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Along with Uranus as its ruling planet, the fixed air sign can create innovations the world has never seen before. Aquarian types are often very skilled in math, science, and music.


Glyph representing the constellation Aquarius, the water bearer. Aquarius is, ironically, an air sign. It is the eleventh constellation in the zodiac. Alchemically, this sign represents dissolution.

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Miss Water Bearer is a cool cucumber. You can find her leading an organization or group of some sort. She may be the president of the P.T.A. or possibly the C.E.O. of a major corporation.

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Like water held in a container, water signs value security above all, hence their attraction to privacy.

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Aquarius is an air sign, even though its symbol depicts a man pouring water into a river. Some astrologers identify the man as the god Hyas, while others believe it is Ganymede, a beautiful youth taken to Mount Olympus to serve as cup bearer to the gods.

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Water Signs - Your waters may be murky at times, but when the dust settles and everything becomes clear - oh how beautiful it is to see through your lens.

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Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign that is ruled by the planet Uranus. Blessed with intellectual capabilities, Aquarians are visionaries with zeal and courage, who bring about change for the greater good of

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Aquarius' Secret Desire is to be unique and original. Discover more facts about Zodiac Sign Aquarius!

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The Aquarius' symbol is the man, who is holding two vessels in his hands: one contains alive water, another - dead.

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Aquarius is one of the three "Air Signs", the other two being Gemini and Libra. It is traditionally referred to and depicted as the 'water carrier' or 'water bearer'. The figure shown carrying or pouring water can be either male or female...

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The eleventh sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is ruled by serious Saturn and outrageous Uranus.

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In astrology, your Aquarius Zodiac sign (also called sun sign or star sign) is decided by the position of the sun at the moment of your birth, as seen from Earth.

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Astronomy. the Water Bearer, a zodiacal constellation between Pisces and Capricornus. Astrology. the eleventh sign of the zodiac: the fixed air sign.

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As well as a birth sign such as Aquarius, an element is also attributed to a person when they are born, either Earth, Fire, Water or Air.

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Aquarians get along very well with other Air signs because they have no communication problems with them, nor do they impose excessive obligations on them or deprive them of the space they need.

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Halley's comet conforms very well, however, with a meteoric shower directed from Aquarius early in May. The opening sign corresponds to our Aquarius, and it is remarkable that the rat is, in the far East, frequently used as an ideograph for "water."

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Ancient drawing of Aquarius Sign. Animals Bird Kingdom. Notable Aquarius Abraham Lincoln. Element Air.

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1Astronomy A large constellation (the Water Carrier or Water Bearer), said to represent a man pouring water from a jar.


Aquarius is the 11th sign in the Zodiac and represents those born between Jan. 20 and Feb. 18.Aquarius, the Water Bearer, comes from the story of th...

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Aquarius is an air sign, and as such, uses his mind at every opportunity. If there is no mental stimulation, they are bored and lack a motivation to achieve the best result.

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AQUARIUS MONEY: Aquarians have an incredible amount of energy that they carry around in that urn. They are an Air Sign and not a Water Sign as most people suspect. The vase they are carrying is filled with energy.

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The Aquarius warm water-cooled computing solution is built from the ground up to be the most reliable and economic solution for hyperconverged and HPC computing applications and can

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Some people mistake this as indicating that Aquarius is a water sign, but it is an air sign. It is the only depiction of a sign that has their fame and contribution expressing forward, as depicted by the fluttering of the clothes, even though the depiction shows Aquarius looking backward.

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The symbol for Aquarius is the Water Bearer but don't be mistaken Aquarius is not a water sign. Many people are surprised it is actually an Air sign which makes them master thinkers. 20 Astrological Traits of Aquarius.

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The Water Bearer, Guardian of Humanity...ruled by shocking, electrical Uranus a Fixed AIR Sign to Aquarius Moon and Rising signs. "How to treat your Aquarius" to gifts for Aquarians Chart Readings to MoonCat's Mall Famous Aquarian Guys Aquarius Gems, Scents & Archetypes MORE...

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Water signs are known for how much time they spend in their feelings, and as the first water sign in the Zodiac, Cancers can move quite fluidly between emotions.

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Aquarius is traditionally the eleventh constellation out of 12 in the Zodiac. It represents a figure holding a giant urn of water and pouring it out and is one of the oldest recognized constellations (not as old as Taurus though). It is an Air-element sign and a Fixed sign...

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Aquarius was recorded in the second century by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy. Its name means "cup bearer" or "water bearer" in Latin.

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Have a friend thats another sign? Check out our other pages I am Fire, Aries Leo Saggitarius I am earth, Taurus Virgo Capricorn I am water, Cancer Scorpio Pisces.

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More Aquarius Astrology is provided for the elements of your Aquarius Zodiac Sign as to what drives you under this sign. Aquarius element is Air even though the Aquarius Zodiac Symbol is the water bearer.

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Aquarius Rising Sign Aquarius Moon Sign. General Info: Aquarius is a fixed air sign ruled by the planet Uranus. Aquarius is the sign of brotherhood and thus friendship and companionship are very important to Aquarian people.

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Aquarius: Aquarius allows water-based abilities, such as Water Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, and/or Water Mimicry.

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