I can see it in your eyes lyrics

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Highlight lyrics and explain them to earn Karma points. Like – ICanSeeItInYourEyeslyrics. Knock knock knock, you're knocking On my window last night This fire's been out for some time You told meit was over with her, That's not quite right You said I was your life So be min, so be mine.

I Can See It in Your Eyes Lyrics
Ican feel itin my bones That your love for me is almost gone Everyday I pray the Lord That your leavin' won't be so hard Leavin' won't be so hard, baby.

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Lyrics: Burning hot in the night Feel your body next to me Something's gone inyour touch Did you take it to the extremes. I feel you coming on Trying to bring me to my knees I won't let you bring me down again.