How to get out a butter stain

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Removing ButterStains. It’s one of those morning where you’re not all there (can someone say Monday?) You’re having some buttered toast for breakfast and your about to

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Delicious but messy peanut butter can cause an oily stain. (Image: peanut butter on a cracker image by robert mobley from Delicious peanut butter dripping on hot toast is one of life's little pleasures, but when it drips onto furniture and causes an oily stain it can be a real nuisance to clean.

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While liquid butter tastes delicious on your English muffin or your ear of corn, you don't like it quite so much when it drips onto your clothes. Acting similarly to a grease or oil stain, butterstains won’t simply wash out of your clothing; they require a little more care.

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To remove butterstains from fabric, first scrape off the excess butter, then treat the stain with a pre-wash stain remover. Wash the fabric in the hottest setting possible in the washing machine. For stubborn stains, try pre-treating the fabric and allowing it to soak in warm water prior to washing.