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Calculus AB - Slope of secant and tangent lines
Calculus AB Review Slopesof non-linearsecant/tangent lines, and point-slope formula Kenyon HundleyTuesday, September 2…

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Best Answer: Theslopeof the secantline to the curve is found like any other slope. Since you are findingthesecantline for the point PQ, you need tofindthe x and y coordinates of P

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Approximate the slpe of the line tangent to f(x)= 3x^2 at x=2. Be sure to use anincrement that is small enough for the answer to be accrate to two decimal places. The point P(1,1)lies on the curve f(x)=x^4. Let Q(xo,xo^4) be an arbitrary point on the curve, and let s be the secantline drawn through P and Q.