How to find a cto for a startup

How to find a CTO for your startup - Disrupt by Altitude Labs
How can you find that CTO to develop your mobile or web app idea? Learn howto turn your startup idea into reality.

7 Steps: How to Hire A CTO for your Startup
Need to hire aCTO? Finding good talent can be challenging, but these 7 steps increase your chances of finding your ideal candidate.

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How can one figure out the best CTOforan early days of aStartup? Where's the best place to look foraCTOfora

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How can we attract a good CTO to join our startup? Could we pay our CTO a really low base salary and have them earn equity? There are a few problems

How to find a CTO for my startup project - CTO tips #17 - YouTube
In this video, I'm going to answer another recurring question asked by founders: how do I findaCTOfor my startup project?

How to find Co-founder for your startup - What Does a CTO Do?
How should the CTO work and collaborate with the CEO? Like Graham mentioned, the CEO-CTO relationship can become strained when

What's the best way to find a CTO for my startup? - Founders Space
That said, all too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skill sets to your own. So how do you finda co-founder with a complimentary skill set?

How to Find the Best Technical Partner for Your Startup
Finding Tech People to your startup is not an easy game. It takes time, energy and money.

How to find a CTO · Markus Tacker · Software Crafter
Especially forastartup it is critical to get out in the wild once in a while. This includes time (and money) to attend conferences, usergroups are

How much equity should you give to a CTO of your startup
Depends upon how important the technology solution is to the company, and what on-going role you play as aCTO. In a recent case I know well, a

How to Hire a CTO for your Startup? -W2S Solutions Blog
Howto hire aChiefTechnologyOfficerfor your business? I was recently asked to provide a Job Description to hire aCTO.

How To Find A Co-Founder For Your Startup
Or, the entrepreneur has deep technology skills, but is lacking in business skills. In many cases, these entrepreneurs are on the hunt for co-founders to help

Does Your Startup Need To Hire A CTO? Five Alternatives To Adding...
Findinga qualified startupChiefTechnologyOfficer in the Middle East and North Africa has become nearly impossible.

5 Reasons to Not Search for a CTO or Technical... - Savvy Apps
Their usual thought process is tofindan engineer or developer and have that person join as a co-founder and CTO. At Savvy Apps, our recommendation is that unless this person is part

How to Hire a Startup-CTO for Equity - LinkedIn
Main content starts below. Howto Hire aStartup-CTOfor Equity. Published on March 31, 2017.

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Startup Grind is a connected online and offline network of vibrant startup communities to help fuel

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If you are looking tofinda job after your startup, here is what you should keep in mind.

5 Ways to Find a Lead Developer for Your Startup
Birchbox CTO Liz Crawford echoed the need for technical expertise. "Our ideal candidates are committed to delivering the

How to attract a CTO for a start-up? - Business Advice -
Jul 15, 2013. Howto attract aCTOforastart-up? We are astart-up, with three former MBA students (service marketing) & system science and one

6 Places A Startup CTO Can Find Mentors - ReadWrite
Tofind out where startupCTOs can go tofind this much needed advice, I polled a group of

Hiring a CTO for Your Startup
I'd suggest: StartupCTO or Developer, Startup Founder Developer Gap, Part-Time CTO, Technology Advisor, CTO Founder, Acting CTO.

What to look for in a startup CTO - Find a network of experts
Findinga full time CTO will be expensive and difficult, but it is also critical. Here are some options to help you get there faster and smarter depending on your

How to find a drone engineer as a startup CTO?
Determining howto best develop a product in astartup (which is what I think you are really asking) is complex, and requires a lot of thought.

How to Become a CIO or CTO - Business News Daily
CTOs typically own the overarching technology strategy fora company and how that strategy meshes with and supports that company's business requirements and

How to Find the Right Technology Partners for Your Startup -
If you want to start a company but you don't have technical skills, you may be in a position where you need to look fora tech partner for your startup.

Where to find a good CTO for your startup? - Hacker News
However, her startup is fairly established and is having problems finding suitable people. I have included text from her blog below which provides

Starting a Company as a CTO
StartingaStartup as CTO / Head of Product. Posted by Lauren Mosenthal on November 30th, 2015.

Lessons Learned: What does a startup CTO actually do?
So I wound up learning the discipline of managing other people. Turns out, I wasn't too bad at it, and I found out just how rewarding it can be.

The Reality of Working for a Startup -
Emma McGowan, columnist and startup veteran, interviews several startup Founders and employees to see what working forastartup is really like.

How to be a Startup CTO
There are no schools on howto be aCTO of startup. CTO's of course are in charge of the development of product. But they are responsible for so much.

How to Hire a CTO - How to Find a CTO
Achieftechnologyofficer is the person with primary responsibility for the technology strategy within a company.

Startup Advice: When to Use a Consulting CTO - Web Startup Lessons
Technology executives use a consulting CTO when they want to supplement their own

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However, startups have less cash and may lack the necessary resources to improve compensation for employees. When thinking about asking fora raise

How to Find and Recruit a Technical Cofounder for Your Startup
How strong are their technical skills? Hiring a recruiter can help you sort it all out, but can also be cost-prohibitive. Instead, finda technical advisor

7 Books Every Startup CTO Should Read
AChiefTechnologyOfficer surely has to be a highly skilled person who is always learning. Learn from the best, check 7 books shared

How To Find a Startup Mentor - Everwise
Where toFindaStartup Mentor. For many startups, mentorship comes as part of a financial deal. Venture capital firms and other investors will often provide either formal or informal mentoring to company founders, as a way of securing their investment and helping the startup move in the right.

Why Your Startup Doesn't Need a CTO - Espeo
There aren't many startup scenarios that justify bringing aCTO on board.

How to hire a CTO and tech talent - Business Insider
CTOs are hot commodities; 26-year-old Mike Lewis has a resume most startups would devour. He's started two companies and even developed military

How Much Equity Do You Give Your CTO?
But the big question is: How much equity is good enough to attract aChief Technical Officer?

Should a startup CTO know how to code?
I also believe that "CTO" is a misleading job title in astartup. Something like "Chief Engineer" probably reflects the actual responsibilities better.

A CTO's IT spending strategy for a fast-growing platform startup
Brian Morgan, CTO at fast-growing platform startup, Catalant, says his IT spending strategy is built on AWS, open source software -- and

How To Proposition a CTO - Adam Perkins
HowTo Proposition aCTO. Ever find yourself writing, calling, or trying to book coffee

Lessons Learned from Failure: How I Didn't Become the CTO of...
I reached out to a friend who happened to be aCTO at astartup that shared office space with Bob and his company. We met for coffee and talked about

How And Why Your Startup Should Hire a CTO -authorSTREAM
Howto hire aChiefTechnologyOfficerfor your business I was recently asked to provide a Job Description to hire aCTO.

How To Get Into a Startup Accelerator
Successful startups know who their competitors are and how they can beat them.

How to Find Engineers for Your Startup or Company
But, no matter how disruptive your business model or how revolutionary your product, you will still need talented employees to transform your vision into reality.

How to be a Startup CTO
There are no schools on howto be aCTO of startup. CTO's of course are in charge of the development of product.

Scaling a startup the anarcho-agile way
How do you make do and create added value when resources are scarce? How do you achieve

How to show progress without a CTO or a Product as a startup?
Start a blog on Medium or Wordpress. Speaking about the industry, the idea and other things related to your startup will reaffirm your passion to others looking to

Want to Become a Startup CTO? - @codemonkeyism
As astartupCTO you need to provide this in the first years (certainly not first months). Know technologies, craft an architecture and technology

Your First Week as Startup CTO - Cuelogic Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
The sooner aCTO understands how a particular technology will affect the business, the better it is for the startup. When one understands, passing on

How to Get Hired at a Startup
Howto Get an Exciting Job at aStartup. Elana Gross. Last updated April 29th, 2018.

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Even though startups and startup culture have become so prevalent in business today, most of the

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Leaving your job as a corporate CTOtofoundastartup requires a big mindset change. Keep these factors in mind if you are looking to take the leap.

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Startup capital can come from a variety of sources, from banks to friends and family and everything in between. Here's a primer on howto get funding.

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From Uber to Docker, billion-dollar startups are setting the standard. Meet 7 CTOs behind the hottest

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Working with a remote CTO meaning aChief Technical Officer gives you an option to build an MVP first

Remote CTO For A Game changing Adaptive Foreign Language...
WARNINGI am just an one-man startup (with a few part timers), pre-product with no outside funding (yet). But I experienced a huge problem and have a

How to find good people.
Howtofinda tech co-founder. When I was freelance, I was asked weekly if I could join astartup as the technical co-founder (CTO).

How to Find Cofounders and Partners for Your Business - Grasshopper
HowtoFind Business Partners. Is there any difference from a business partner and a co-founder?