How to find a cto for a startup

How to find a CTO for your startup - Disrupt by Altitude Labs

How should non-technical cofounders go about finding their CTO? At Altitude Labs, we have successfully helped startups find their CTOs in both Hong Kong and Singapore.

How to find a CTO for my startup project - CTO tips #17 - YouTube

In this video, I'm going to answer another recurring question asked by founders: how do I find a CTO for my startup project?

How to Find the Best Technical Partner for Your Startup

Finding Tech People to your startup is not an easy game. It takes time, energy and money. So how to build a strong Tech...

What's the best way to find a CTO for my startup? - Founders Space

That said, all too often you know people with similar backgrounds and skill sets to your own. So how do you find a co-founder with a complimentary skill set?

How much equity should you give to a CTO of your startup

When developing a startup and building a team, one big part of the process is deciding how to split up the equity.

How to Find Great Startup Jobs - Big Interview - Job Interview Training

How to Find Job Opportunities at Startups. Of course the real trick, which some may see as an additional con, is the discovery of opportunities to get your foot in the door with a new startup organization.

How to find Co-founder for your startup - What Does a CTO Do?

How should the CTO work and collaborate with the CEO? Like Graham mentioned, the CEO-CTO relationship can become strained when times are tough and it needs to be nurtured like any

How To Find A Co-Founder For Your Startup

The problem is, they often don't know how to start the process or where best to look. Hopefully, this post will point you in the right direction.

Does Your Startup Need To Hire A CTO? Five Alternatives To Adding...

Finding a qualified startup Chief Technology Officer in the Middle East and North Africa has become nearly impossible.

Hiring a CTO for Your Startup

In some cases, this changes the conversation from "I need help hiring a full-time CTO for my startup" to "I need help finding a part-time CTO who can direct a full-time

5 Reasons to Not Search for a CTO or Technical... - Savvy Apps

Their usual thought process is to find an engineer or developer and have that person join as a co-founder and CTO.

How to find a drone engineer as a startup CTO?

Determining how to best develop a product in a startup (which is what I think you are really asking) is complex, and requires a lot of thought.

How to Find the Right Technology Partners for Your Startup -

David Bailey hit LinkedIn to find the most senior tech person in his network, an experienced and respected CTO and offered him a few points of equity to be an advisor. This move was smart because it helped him understand how much he didn't know.

14 Tips for Hiring the Perfect CTO - 10. Experience with Startups!

No, the idea is to find a CTO who can creatively solve problems and imagine new solutions, even if someone else hasn't done it before.

Lessons Learned: What does a startup CTO actually do?

Very good article, I've been a CTO for different startups for over 5 years Always asking myself how to remain effective as a CTO.

How to be a Startup CTO

6 Places A Startup CTO Can Find MentorshipTechnology. CTO in a Small Startup Bryan Helmig - ZapierTechnology. How to Start a Startup Company - Startup ShowCaseSmall Business & Entrepreneurship.

Who deserves a bigger salary between CTO... - Startups Anonymous

Is it normal that for a Cofounder/CTO, who is the backbone for a tech company get lowest salary compared to other c-level guys?

Chief Technology Officer Job Description: What Does a CTO Do?

It means CTO should always think not only about how to develop a certain product but also about how certain

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What is the optimal IT spending strategy for a fast-growing startup? If you're Brian Morgan, CTO at Catalant, a Boston-based platform startup that delivers business

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Dmitry Koltunov is a co-founder and the CTO of ALICE. For me and my co-founders, building our first tech company from the

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Finding a great tech cofounder can be so hard it feels almost impossible to a non-technical startup founder.

How to Find Startup Capital

Start up capital can come from a variety of sources, from banks to friends and family and everything in between. Here's a primer on how to get funding.

Scaling a startup the anarcho-agile way

2) Let your people focus on your core company know-how. During startup beginnings financing is scarce and an

How to Use Lean Startup to Find Your Tech Co-founder

Before you approach the next developer about joining your startup you may want to get insights into how Rob thinks about opportunities.

Want to Become a Startup CTO? - @codemonkeyism

As a startup CTO you need to provide this in the first years (certainly not first months). Know technologies, craft an architecture and technology strategy. Know how to scale an application (from 100 to millions of users).

How to start a startup without a technical co-founder? - Arsum

At this point, you should think about how to find a technical cofounder or find developers for startup by hiring one of the remote IT outsourcing companies.

Your First Week as Startup CTO - Cuelogic Blog

The sooner a CTO understands how a particular technology will affect the business, the better it is for the startup.

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Web security firm Detectify and cloud task management tool Trello have interviewed startup team leads about their best tips for greater efficiency.

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A CTO keeps abreast with technology trends, integrates those trends into the company's strategy, and makes sure the company keeps current

How to Future-proof Job Titles in Your Startup - Dogtown Media

Sooner or later, passionate app developers and startup founders run into the reality that they may not be most qualified to remain CEO, CTO, Chief

Big companies v. startups

This is despite this being so hard to do that boost has been wrong for seven years, and that two very senior engineers didn't feel confident enough to review the code and passed it up to a CTO. Another curious thing is how easy it is to see that things don't have to be this way from the outside.

Interim CTO

I have held CTO and Chief Architect roles in a number of organizations both large enterprises and small startups.

Are you looking for web/mobile development help or a CTO?

How to show progress without a CTO or a Product as a startup? Demonstrating progress is vital for a startup, for a host of reasons. The more traction you get, the easier things become! How to Find The Right CTO co-founder.

Interim CTO

I have held CTO and Chief Architect roles in a number of organizations both large enterprises and small startups.

Interim CTO

I have held CTO and Chief Architect roles in a number of organizations both large enterprises and small startups.

Interim CTO

I have held CTO and Chief Architect roles in a number of organizations both large enterprises and small startups.