How to fall asleep with a headache

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Sleeping through headaches is how I deal with them. I know it'll be gone when I wake up. Not being able tofallasleep when I have aheadache is the worst. I don't want to have to miss work because I was up all night witha terrible headache.

4 Ways to Fall Asleep Fast - wikiHow - How to Fall Asleep Fast
If you struggle tofallasleep quickly, you're not alone! Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions you can try. Witha few changes and some consistency, you can fallasleep fast every night!

How to Fall (and Stay) Asleep with ADHD
Sleep difficulties — fallingasleep quickly, staying asleep consistently, and waking up on time — go hand-in-hand with adult ADHD. Here, Dr. Robert Olivardia advises strategies like progressive muscle relaxation or melatonin that may make the difference between a groggy next morning and a refreshed.