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With CallForwarding, you can forward your mobile calls to another phone number, like your home or office number. Select a topic below to see step-by-step

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CallForwarding: Howto activate it. The basics of Verizon’s CallForwarding service (also known as Immediate CallForwarding) are straightforward: From your mobile phone, dial *72 plus the phone number you want to forwardcalls to.

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This page explains our CallForwarding feature, how much it costs, howto start and stop forwarding your calls, and howto troubleshoot your

How to Do Call Forwarding on Verizon Wireless Cellphones
Howto Enable CallForwardingonVerizon Wireless Phones. The callforwarding feature lets you redirect all your incoming calls to another phone number, which can be a landline or cell phone. Once you activate the service, your wireless phone will not ring unless the service has been deactivated.

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Callforwarding allows you to direct calls from your Verizon phone to another number. This can be useful if you have multiple lines and want to consolidate messages. It will also help you to catch any missed calls. This article explains howto set up callforwarding by calling.

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To turn off callforwarding from your Verizon cell phone, simply punch in *73, and press call. Listen for a successful message stating callforwarding has

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