How to defend yourself against an attacker

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Knife attacks can be very unpredictable and are extremely dangerous. When wielded by muggers or would-be attackers, knives can cause more damage than a gun, and are much easier to get ahold of.

How to Defend Yourself from an Attacker: 10 Steps (with Pictures)
Keep yourself centered. Bring your body closer together and tight so that you are smaller. This will make it harder to fight you and will give you more control when you need todefend

How to legally defend yourself against an attacker
How do I establish "self-defence" if I'm charged with assault? If the Police believe that you used too much force in defendingyourself you may be charged with

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How can one defend oneself againstan aggressive dog? How do you defendyourselfagainsta larger attacker?

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Some self-defense experts also recommend running in a zigzag away from the attacker, as it is especially difficult to shoot someone running in a zigzag line away from them.