How to break a 40 day water fast

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kbikov replied the topic: Re:Howtobreak correctly a 7 daywaterfast? Andre, Thank you for your reply. Could you tell us a little bit about the dangers of breakingafast incorrectly? I am particularly interested because I transitioned to my normal diet quickly (w/n 3-4 days) and during the first 2 weeks.

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HowtoBreak Your 3 DayWaterFast: After not eating for three days, you’re probably going to feel excited and anxious to eat again, but since you just detoxed your body and gave your digestion system a rest, it’s best to introduce food

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HowtoBreakaFast. In this Article:Breaking the Fast (Day One) Breaking the Fast (Day Two) Breaking the Fast (Days Three and Four) Troubleshooting Common

How to break a 21 day Water fast (Three week water fast)?
21 Day (Three-Week) waterfast is classified under long term fasts and should be attempted only by those who are familiar with shorter one week or a 10-daywater

Breaking a Three Day Water Fast?
I'm very confused about howtobreak the three daywaterfast I'm on. I've heard the more conventional idea that one should have only fruits/juices after a fast, as the digestive system starts to reboot. However, I've also heard that it would be best to have fat and protein (and low/no sugar), as.