How to afford living in san francisco

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SanFrancisco's high cost of living has made it difficult for artists to stay there. Stage actress Beth Wilmurt told KQED that she's managed to liveinSanFrancisco for most of her life despite making $30,000 a year, on average. Wilmurt said she cut out internet, cable, Netflix, and a car toafford city.

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Hello, I am looking at a job in the SanFrancisco area and wondering how people afford to live here? I have looked at some figures in the city-data site, and even for towns that are roughly 40 miles outside downtown SanFrancisco, it looks like the median home price is $600k (and some towns.

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Median household income inSanFrancisco, for example, is around $87,700, while the figure is closer to $55,300 for the country as a whole. According to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, $117,400 per year is considered "low income" for a family of four livingin the San.

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How expensive is SanFrancisco? In a word, very. We looked at data on housing, food, and other expenses to see how much it really costs to livein