How many seconds has the universe existed

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The universe is between 12 and 14 billion years old, lets assume 13 billion. A year is 365.25 days (approximately). A day is 24*60*60 seconds = 86400 seconds.

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Lets see ... 1 second old... by that time, quarks had cooled down enough to form protons and neutrons.

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Most people throughout history have lived their whole life on our tiny rock, but how far have those select few explorers gone?

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The idea of parallel universes may seem bizarre, but physics has found all sorts of reasons why they should exist.

The age of universe is 1010 years and the age of mankind is 106...

How many years are in an age? An age is not determined by a finite quantity of time, but when a change happens.

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Two questions I shall discuss are, 'What is the probability of life existing else where in the universe?' and, 'How may life develop in the future?'

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"Until the mid-20th century, the prevalent view across the world was that the universe was infinite, had existed forever and that it will continue to do so for

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That is, the universe must have been denser (with more matter and energy packed in a unit volume) in the past.

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It is the most important second in history, which seals the Universe's fate and defines everything that comes after - including us.

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How Many Planets are there in The Galaxy? New Tech Could Let Devices Function for Years With... There May Be A Loophole in the Second Law of Therm...

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Scientists agree that the universe began with a Big Bang, but how will our universe end? They have several different ideas.

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The second law states entropy can not be destroyed and is forever increasing. Based on this you could also state that the universe has existed for an infinite amount of time which would imply that some point along

Multiversal truths - Is the universe alone?

In our second brief on scientific mysteries, we ask whether the world might make more sense if other universes existed.

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I hope these space trivia questions will help you to learn a little bit more about the universe we live in.

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To figure out how many planets could support life, you first have to determine how you will define the concept of life.

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Dr Aravind Vijayaraghavan reveals how the second law of thermodynamics explains the rise and fall of all things, including the Universe itself.

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British cosmologists are puzzled: they predict that the universe should not have lasted for more than a second.

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As demonstrated in the vido linked above, if you take two particles and put one of them on the opposite side of the universe, the moment you

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Since there have been no discoveries to dispute this theory and this seems to be the most sensible theory for how everything in the universe was created, then it is

Have we found the universe that existed before the Big Bang?

In the current model, the universe began with the Big Bang, underwent cosmic inflation for a fraction of a second

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The Kepler spacecraft has identied many of these, and we can condently infer that there are billions in our Galaxy.

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YouTube/Perimeter Institute. Johnson is looking for those bruises, but a lot depends on how fast other bubble universes sprang into existence and how many there are. If only a few other bubbles exist, they might have not hit us.

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Many argue that all things must have a cause, and therefore, god exists as the 'first cause' of everything else.

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· 20 March ·. Randall, the famous YouTube voice of the Honey Badger, explores the possibilities of the universe, existing as a singularity, prior to the Big Bang.

How has light from 13 billion years ago not passed us by?

We believe the universe to be infinite today, which means it was infinite in its formation so this infinite singularity is the picture to have in mind for the Big Bang.

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First of all, I'm not sure the universe ever had an edge (the physics guys will come in to to explain soon, and I'll get a headache, as always). Second of all, as the universe can't expand at faster than the speed of light, then it probably would...

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Why did everything we need in order to exist come into being? How was all of this possible without some latent outside power to orchestrate the precise

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How far does light travel in one second ? 300 000 kilometers, which equals seven times around the Earth. Let's call this distance one light second.

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The Universe and our solar system started with a Big Bang - now WIRED looks at the theories that could reveal how the Universe ends.

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The big bang. One of the most persistently asked questions has been: How was the universe created? Many once believed that the universe had

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One second after the Big Bang, the Higgs boson should have caused a Big Crunch, collapsing the universe to nothing.

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They even admit that it is a serious problem that they cannot explain how everything had earlier actually come into existence. - 4. The universe has not always existed.

Curious about how long it has been on, you do a little investigation. Through your investigation, you discover that the batteries are going downhill.

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Has the universe existed forever? Or was there something before it? To find out, we need a working theory of

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Our physics can explain most of the evolution of the Universe after the Planck time (approximately 10-43 seconds

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Johnson is looking for those bruises, but a lot depends on how fast other bubble universes sprang into existence and how many there are. If only a few other bubbles exist, they might have not hit us. The Planck space telescope is currently listening to the skies...

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They have also helped cosmologists improve estimates for how much dark matter and dark energy existed in the early universe (and likely still exist

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Preface to the Second Edition. In the rst edition of this book it was argued that the uniqueness of human

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And the people who are familiar with the unit are the ones who already have an idea of how big the universe is, because they're astronomers.