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The framers realize that most people think about themselves first before thinking ofthe greater good. Not being able to serve as a judge in your own trial

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How did the Framersofthe U.S Constitution Seek to Balance Liberty, Equality, and Order? - The United States is a country that ever since it was found represented freedom for so many people. Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence and promised everyone life, liberty and the.

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Much is in the American news today regarding the American Constitution. Republicans in general, and Tea-partiers in particular, take pride in citing theConstitution as

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As a most amateur of amateur historians, from what I’ve read I tend to conclude that the Framersofthe U.S. Constitution regarded it as (1) a grand compromise of many competing ideas, (2) that although flawed it was sufficient to get the newly independent country moving in the right direction.

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This is because the Framerswere really concerned with the government using criminal procedures to put people in jail for political purposes. They wanted to ensure that this would not be possible. Under English rule, it wasmore possible for the government to convict people without fair trials.