How many americans are below the poverty line

Approximately how many Americans live below the poverty line
Howmany people live belowthepovertyline in Japan? Per OECD, over half of single working parents in Japan were in relative poverty in 2000.

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MostAmericans will spend at least one year belowthepovertyline at some point between ages 25 and 75.[3] Poverty rates are persistently higher in rural and inner city parts of the country as compared to suburban areas.[4][5]. Estimates of the number of Americans living in povertyare nuanced.

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The most recent statistic I was able to find for Americans living belowthepovertyline in the 1950s places the rate at 22.4%, more than one in five. Keep in mind this was before there were anti-poverty programs such as food stamps, welfare and education programs. These came into being largely.

How many people in the world live below the American poverty line?
The U.S. povertyline in 2013 was $23,550 per year for a family of four, or $16.13 per person per day. Converting from 2013 prices to 2011 prices gives $15.57 per person per day. Plugging that number into PovcalNet produces the estimate below, with 88% of people in the developing world belowthe U.S.

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U.S. Federal Poverty Guidelines Used to Determine Financial Eligibility for Certain Federal Programs There are two slightly different versions of the federal poverty measure: poverty thresholds and poverty guidelines.

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1/6th of Americansare on thepovertyline right now (2007).almost 50 million Americans on thepovertyline, with no health coverage.nothing

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How can so manybe living belowthepovertyline? Is there something that can be done? Before solutions can be proposed, a key question must first be

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The new povertyline of $1.25 a day was recently announced by the World Bank (in 2008). For many years before that it had been $1 a day.

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Many experts on poverty say that in addition to the roughly 45 million Americans who live belowthe official povertyline, roughly an equal