Ears feel like they need to pop

ASK THE DOCTOR: Why do my ears feel like they need to pop?
Since last year, my ears have feltliketheyneedtopop. I had them syringed, but it didn’t help. I also sometimes hear hissing and they hurt.

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If your ears frequently feel stuffed up or liketheyneedto be popped, your condition could be from a more serious sinus problem which is causing

Ears feel like they should pop, but won't — Penny Arcade
Upon coming down, I got the typical feeling of my earsneedingtopop, however they wouldn't when I tried to force them to by swallowing.

Head feels full, ears feel like they need to pop, muffled sounds, have...
Sure sounds like you've got the makings for an ear infection. Prevention of a full-on infection with fever, etc should include moisturizing, decongesting, and getting adequate rest. I often recommend Mucinex (guaifenesin) and pseudoephedrine along with hot steamy showers or a warm air humidifier.