Does my car need a catalytic converter

Does driving your car with a bad catalytic converter cause harm?
What is acatalyticconverter in car and what does it do? Can a bad catalyticconverter cause my radiator to overheat?

Why Does a Car Need Two Catalytic Converters? - It Still Runs
Catalyticconverters were first put into use in the 1970s in response to the growing pollution problem in cities throughout the U.S. Today, all road-legal cars must, by law, be equipped with acatalyticconverter

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The catalyticconverter is a key component of the exhaust system of a car. It changes some properties of the harmful gases produced as the byproduct running the engine.

How Many Catalytic Converters Does a Car Have? -
Catalyticconverters first appeared on cars in 1975, after legislation limiting exhaust emissions came into force. The function of acatalyticconverter is to convert harmful pollutants into less-harmful ones before the gases exit a car's exhaust system. The main exhaust gases from a combustion engine are.

Cost of a Catalytic Converter - Cars and Prices Paid -
Catalyticconverters on older model cars tend to have a simpler design, and are less expensive to replace than more recent high-tech versions.

Troubleshooting a Catalytic Converter Problem
Wondering if you need to replace a bad catalyticconverter? Take a look at the following symptoms and

Think your catalytic converter is faulty? Here are some tips.
How aCatalyticConverter Works. Catalyticconverters are efficient pieces of engineering, when they work. Maligned in the '70s, the catalyticconverter was partially blamed for the end of the classic muscle car era. While it was unfortunate that muscle cars went away for several years, the cat did its.

Will a car run "better" without a catalytic converter or muffler?
Forgive me for asking a purely theoretical question but I need to win a bet Will a current model

How do I know if my catalytic converter has failed? - HowStuffWorks
Catalyticconverter failure can be hard to diagnose. Learn several possible causes for catalyticconverter failure

Do you need an estimate of your car's catalytic converter repair cost?
Catalyticconverters make cars more environmentally friendly by cutting down on air pollution from passenger vehicles. This helps reduce smog issues in larger cities and congested areas where thousands of people commute daily.

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138,000 MILES. How many catalyticconvertersdoesmycar have. How do you test them to see if they need replacement?

How do catalytic converters work? - Explain that Stuff
Acatalyticconverter is a large metal box, bolted to the underside of your car, that has two pipes

All You Need To Know About Catalytic Converters Is They...
I learned what acatalyticconverterdoes when I bought a car, my third such piece of gloriously engineered equipment.

How Long Does A Catalytic Converter Last?
The catalyticconverter is responsible for cleaning up the exhaust gasses of your vehicle. How long doesacatalyticconverter last?

Need Catalytic Converter on my 2002 Camry replaced - Toyota...
.the catalyticconverter, the whole catalyticconverter had to be replaced.

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CatalyticConverter or Head Gasket 3 Answers. So mycar stalled on me some months ago on the interstate and I called a tow truck to bring it home.

The Complete Catalytic Converter Replacement Cost Guide
Benefits of aCatalyticConverter Replacement. The catalyticconverter is essential for your car to run like it should. It keeps a lot of the engine components clean and make certain that everything is running well. If you want to keep it that way, then you need to be aware of the condition of your.

Symptoms of a Bad or Failing Catalytic Converter - Cars
Acatalyticconverter is a car component that works to reduce vehicle emissions and pollution.

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Find the best seleciton of catalyticconverters for your vehicle at Pep Boys. We guarantee a perfect fit for your make and model. Shop online today!

Symptoms of a Bad Catalytic Converter - Car Help
When acatalyticconverter is failing, it can lead to harmful vehicle emissions along with other symptoms. Here's what to do if yours is acting up.

How a Catalytic Converter works - NAPA Know How Blog
A car muffler filters sound, but the task of filtering toxic gases falls on the much-maligned catalyticconverter.

Catalytic Converters: Everything You Wanted to Know!
What DoesaCatalyticConverterDo? Catalyticconverters work silently day in and day out. Its job is to eliminate any unburned fuel and toxic gasses in your

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The catalyticconverter, which is responsible for the cleanup of a vehicle exhaust, is a key component of a vehicle emission control system.

Stollen Catalytic Converter - Car Talk - Nigeria
every carneedsacatalyticconverter hence it will make the smoke from the exhaust pipe harmful to the environment; acatalyticconverter purifies the smoke before it comes out through the exhaust pipe; i suggest that for your own safety and others, you either fix this or park the vehicle.

Can I Remove the Catalytic Converter from my Car?
Acatalyticconverter is a piece of the vehicle whose function is to reduce the amount of polluting gases emitted into the atmosphere..

Why did a catalytic converter fail so quickly? -
Did a reader who spent $1,285 on acatalyticconverter three years ago get taken for a ride?

Catalytic Converter Cost and Replacement Guide to Save... - Car HQ
For every car drivers, it's important to know how much doesacatalyticconverter cost so that he can replace it within his budget when needed.

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I do not believe you can legally install a used catalyticconverter in a car in the US but new units on ebay are under $300 (I am sure they are more locally).

Do I need catalytic converter?
Do I needcatalyticconverter? A user contributed collection of common and not-so-common questions and answers.

How Much!? Replacing A Catalytic Converter
First, I needed to know what acatalyticconverter was and its impact on mycar. Secondly, I knew I needed to find out, not only which

Why Does My Catalytic Converter Need Replaced? - Exhaust Videos
Catalyticconverters turn toxic CO (carbon monoxide) and NOx (nitrous oxides) into relatively harmless carbon dioxide and water. The amazing thing.

What is a catalytic converter? - Car Keys
How doesacatalyticconverter work? Acatalyticconverter uses precious metals such as platinum, palladium or rhodium to create a chemical reaction

Catalytic Converters - Chemistry LibreTexts
Acatalyticconverter is a simple device that uses basic redox reactions to reduce the pollutants a car makes. It converts around 98% of the harmful fumes produced by a car engine into less harmful gases. It is composed of a metal housing with a ceramic honeycomb-like interior with insulating layers.

Example costs of catalytic converter for the subject of car
I neededacatalyticconverter for mycar and found these guys at really helpful and they sell at really cheap trade prices with next day

Aftermarket Catalytic Converter Inspection - JUST SMOGS
Catalyticconverters contain a slurry of three rare earth metals (Platinum, palladium, and rhodium)

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When doesmyconverterneed to be recycled ? Carsneed clean air flow. The muffler side pressure of the converter should allow a good air flow. If the pressure is low or zero when the car is running, then the catalyticconverter could be clogged with engine pressure. This is dangerous as it causes.

How Much Does a Catalytic Converter Cost?
Find Your CatalyticConverter. Once you determine that you do, in fact, needa new cat, the next step is finding the correct one.

Catalytic Converter Deficiency Code? - Ford
Btw I need the rear Catalyticconverter, thanks. On a 2000 ford ranger, will driving it without acatalyticconverter cause valve issues?

Catalytic Converter Theft Prevention and Claims
Catalyticconverters are a popular target of thieves. Depending on what model vehicle you own and whether or not it's an OEM part, a stolen

How does a bad catalytic converter effect the way the car run does it...
While acatalyticconverter is designed to last 10 years or more, several variables can make it die sooner. Nowadays, vehicles employ more than

How To Clean A Catalytic Converter? - Automotive Spaces
Do you want your car to be at its best performance? Well, the best way to get there is to maintain its high engine performance.

Catalytic converter Red hot, car sputtering. - Ford Truck Enthusiasts...
Ive done everything possible(so I think) replaced plugs,wires,coil,fuel filter,vac hoses and vac solenoid,but the car still runs horrible,it sputters very bad when you

What Is A Catalytic Converter And Why Do You Need One?
The catalyticconverter however is mostly used to tackle the smaller, more-harmful products that are produced due to the naturally-imperfect

What can you do to help prevent catalytic converter theft?
Catalyticconverters are a mandatory component of all vehicles in the United States and are designed to reduce harmful emissions from exhaust

Catalytic Converter Help Please! - Forum
Im guessing my catalyticconverter is going out or it is clogged up. the pipe is all rusted and the catalytic

a4 3.0 Catalytic Converters need replacement - Forum
.out that I need to replace my CatalyticConverters on my 2002 a4 3.0 quattro.

Car Repair Manuals and Tips on Common Car Problems
Question: Can ACatalyticConverter Cause A Car To Loose Power, The catalyticconverter and the muffler were extremely hot, can it be causing my truck to loose

Catalytic Converter Glowing Red Hot
Is your car running rough, engine vibrates, shakes, and the catalyticconverter is too hot or overheating?

How to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft
Preventing CatalyticConverter Theft. An opening of a few seconds can cost you thousands of

What Does A Catalytic Converter Look Like Where Is It On My Car
you know, i never seen acatalyticconverter before, i went to the autoshop the other day to get my smog emissions check and the guy at the shop said i neededa new catalyticconverter but i have no idea how it looks like or where is it on mycar.

O2 Sensors & Catalytic Converter Diagnostics - Car OBD Diagnostics...
O2 Sensors & catalyticconverter diagnostics. Converters typically fail one of two

Cleaning the catalytic converter -
That will never clean your catalyticconverter. NOTE: you will also get decreased engine performance anyways with

How to recycle a catalytic converter in a car
Catalyticconvertersdid not originally work very well in cars because the lead in gasoline would coat the catalysts and render them useless.

Catalytic Converter
CatalyticConverter. Copyright AA1Car. Catalyticconverters are one of the greatest emission add-ons ever to be installed on vehicles.

Power loss and red hot catalytic converter - Car Forums and...
When I got home I heard a crackling sound under mycar so I took a look and my catalyticconverter was glowing red, So I took it down to the muffler shop and had the guy there take a look and he said that mycar was running rich and that I would also needa new catalyticconverter.

What You Need To Know About Catalytic Converter Scrap Prices
The technology behind the catalyticconverter was invented by a French engineer named Eugene Houdry, who moved to the USA in 1930.

How a 3-Way Catalytic Converter Works «
3-way catalyticconvertersconvert these harmful substances to less harmful nitrogen (N2)

catalytic converter
The car right just not getting any power but it changing gears well.What do I do if the diagnostic test say bad tranmission and bad catalyticconverter? Replace the catalyticconverter and go to a shop to see whats up with the transmission. You may just need to replace a component in the transmission.

What the Heck is a Catalytic Converter?
Having your catalyticconverter replaced is in the top five maintenance jobs for car owners.

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I have tried everyway around getting a new converter for 2007 Endeavor. Code P0421 which is bank 1 converter. The only place to buy is thru Mitsubishi. Local dealer wanted $852.00 just for part. I worked with a certified mitsubishi technician.

Worth replacing the catalytic converter? - Nissan Versa Forums
I don't know much about cars so my question for those of you here who are much more knowledgeable than me is as follows: Is it worth replacing the catalyticconverter or should I just sell the car now and move on?

Catalytic Converter Replacement DIY??? -
I'm now in need of a new catalyticconverter. I've searched and come up with nothing so far. is it possible to replace a

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Catalytic Converter Diagnosis
The catalyticconverter is probably the most important emission control device on a vehicle because it