Does elena ever turn into a vampire

Why does Elena turn into a vampire in The Vampire Diaries? - Quora
Elena and Matt Fall off the bridge and Stefan is able to save Matt but Elena passes out in the river and couldn’t be saved but she had Damon’s blood in her system that turned her intoavampire Although she was not willing to complete the transiti.

Why does Katherine turn Elena into a vampire
When doesElenaturn in Vampire Diaries? In the books, Damon and Stefan exchange blood with her, she dies and then becomes avampire, but since the TV Show hasn't really followed the books at all that much, some blog…s are saying that she won't turn in the Show.

Does Nina Dobrev Want Elena to Become a Vampire?
Will Elenaever be turnedintoavampire? According to writer Kevin Williamson, it could actually happen! MTV mentioned this to Nina Dobrev, who was less than thrilled by the idea.