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Welcome to the St. Louis City Board of Aldermen
The BoardofAldermen is the legislative body of the CityofSt. Louis and creates, passes, and amends local laws, as well as approve the City's budget every year. There are twenty-eight aldermen, one from each ward in the City and a President.

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CityofSt. Louis Charter 3.06.290 - Counsel to the BoardofAldermen—Duties. The Counsel to the BoardofAldermen shall handle the legal matters of the Board, such special projects as requested, which duties shall include but are not limited to representing the Board and its members in litigation.

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The BoardofAldermen consists of one representative from each of the city's 28 wards; the body's President is elected separately by a city-wide ballot. Like the mayor, Aldermen representing odd-numbered wards are elected in odd numbered years following the United States Presidential Election.

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The BoardofAldermen is the City’s legislative branch. Members are elected every two years on the odd-numbered years. Four members serve at large, and seven members represent individual wards. The Board passes ordinances on a broad range of issues, from setting zoning laws to creating.

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