Changing to synthetic oil in a high mileage engine

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Synthetic oils can also be better formulated for specific uses, such as in high performance or high mileage engines. What's more, some manufacturers claim that using synthetic oil increases the intervals between oil changes.

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If the engine is running fine changing over to synthetic oil can only make things better, but could reveal leaks that are

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My question is: Is it risky to switch from conventional engine oil to synthetic oil in a high-mileage car?

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If you do oil changes every 3000 miles synthetic is a total waste of money. It is designed to be run for much longer than just your 3000 miles, so you can actually

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I've heard some folks say that after they've switched to synthetic engine oil in an older, higher mileage vehicle - they've ended up with engine oil leaks.

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This a synthetic motor oil blend which is formulated to keep high mileage engines alive for as long as possible.

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If I can move up from the High-Mileage based oil at 3k mile interval oil changes to a synthetic that will safely get me to 5k miles with no damage to the engine, and the difference is a measly $10, then I have just learned something that will not only save me money, but also time and effort in the.

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Regularly changing your oil can help combat these engine seizures and help to protect your investment promoting a long vehicle life.

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High-mileage motor oil doesn't hurt and it could prevent leaks from starting. Most vehicle manufacturers would say it's normal for an engine to consume some oil between oil changes.

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However, using synthetic oil in high-mileage engines is not always worth the extra cost. Since synthetic oil is "thinner," a high-mileage engine filled with synthetic oil is more likely to develop leaks or run noisier. What is the right oil change interval when using synthetic oil?

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in Oil and Lubricants. Should I switch to high-mileage engine oil? There are two schools of thought about using high-mileage oils. The first is to switch when your vehicle reaches 75,000 miles.

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Full Synthetic Oil: The oils made for high-tech engines, whether in a Chevy Corvette or Mercedes-Benz, are full synthetics.

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HMX High Mileage Synthetic Motor Oil Advantages. Minimizes wear and restores lost engine performance. Extends drain intervals.

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For the most part, all the benefits of synthetic engine oils do apply to higher mileage car engines. If, however, the old high mileage engine is very.

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Also, many late model engines are factory-filled with low viscosity synthetic oil (5W-20, 0W-20, 0W-40, etc.) to reduce friction and improve fuel economy.

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One mechanic told me high milage oil does more hurt then help on car engines. But who really knows? My new Honda gets synthetic.

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mmorgan1865 Rockstar 4 Years 1000 Posts. Amsoil is NOT recommended for high mileage engines because the viscosity is so low.

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I've gone to some auto part stores and they told me to move up to higher grade of oil with synthetic.

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This unique additives package is also why high-mileage oil is often a mix of synthetic and standard oil, as synthetic can offer a better anti-wear barrier between

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Conventional oil will be the least expensive but have the shortest range while synthetic oil will have a longer range at a higher cost.

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Many carmakers are now calling for full synthetic oil in their high-tech engines. Corvettes and most Mercedes-Benz vehicles come with it as a factory fill.

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synthetic engine oil is a far better oil than conventional. reason is the synthetic oil does not absorb water/moisture

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Conventional oil change services are significantly less expensive than synthetic and high mileage oil change services. An synthetic oil change has its own advantages and benefits. It was originally developed for use in jet aircraft engines.

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Our high mileage oil includes detergents, dispersants, and other additives which work together to protect your engine from accumulating extra sludge.

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Motor oil for high mileage engines to cold weather are just some of the categories that some motor oils are designed for. Full synthetic motor oil is slightly more expensive but the range of benefits makes it a worthwhile investment.

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In my VN670 with 16 liter volvo engine I use Delvac fully synthetic oil since new. Change interval 50000 miles (according to

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No, Rislone Engine Treatment Concentrate is formulated to be left safely in the crankcase for the life of the oil change for maximum performance.

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AMSOIL Engine Flush is an excellent option for cleaning engine sludge and deposits to restore the efficiency of both high and low mileage

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Ask Mobil: Best Oil for Achieving High Mileage in Turbo Diesel Engines. Kranes: Synthetic Oil Survey.

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Doing it by changing oil weight is a band-aid, not a cure. I recommend using 5W30 in northern climates and 10W30 in warmer areas.

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92 octane appx 35 gallons at 4.00 = 140.00 dollars. (If the engine pings under load, high octane can improve mileage, if not it is a waste of money).

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Most any 10W30 oil is termed and/or approved for high mileage engines, those that started their life with 5W30 at least; Take Mobil 1 synthetic 10W30

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If your engine contains excessive sludge deposits due to less-than-adequate maintenance practices, Mobil 1 High Mileage synthetic motor oil can help reduce this sludge. For severe cases of engine sludge, short oil change intervals (3,000-5,000 miles)...

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Is there a recommended procedure for changing to AMSOIL synthetic oil? There are no special requirements when switching to synthetic oil. However, in older vehicles or those with high mileage, it is advisable to use AMSOIL Engine and Automatic Transmission Flush first.

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With such qualities, synthetic oil works best for engines with smaller passages for oil and tighter tolerance. In fact, many manufacturers of high mileage oil engines are requiring that car owners

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If your vehicle has more than 75,000 Miles on the odometer, consider a high mileage oil change every 5000 to 7000 miles to improve engine performance. synthetic.

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Our Full Service Express Oil Change for vehicles with high mileage using Higher Mileage Engine Oil which helps minimize friction related wear to your engine, protects worn engine parts, and prevents and seals

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Synthetic, conventional, or synthetic blends are available from a variety of manufacturers. Whether you change your own oil or have a shop do it for you

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This type of oil may need to be changed more frequently than other options. Synthetic oil is designed for high-tech engines and may not be necessary for every vehicle, says Popular

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I always get pitched the "high mileage" oil at the oil change place. What is the difference between that and regular oil?

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How Long Does Synthetic Oil Change Last? The best synthetic motor oil will last between 7500 miles and 10000 miles. This is compared to the 3000 miles that conventional oils last.

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If you have been using Full Synthetic motor oil at regular oil change intervals there will be no need to switch to High Mileage motor oil. The additive packages contained in High Mileage motor oil to lubricate and preserve seals within the engine are also contained in Full Synthetic motor.

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i change the oil in both of my vehicles once a year, usually around 20,000 on each, one has over 300,000

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It is absolutely essential to keep changing the oil at regular intervals, to keep the engine running at its optimum efficiency. But what about the vehicles

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There is one old adage "Oil is cheaper than the engine". Long/Extended life synthetic oil need filter change every 10k and top up to required level on dip stick.

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My rule of thumb - buy premium oil & filter, and extended oil changes are easily achieved, in older/higher mileage vehicles.

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Protection: Superior engine protection versus conventional and synthetic blend oils****. *Based on the ASTM HFRR Friction Test.

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This is because synthetic oil has a different flow characteristic to regular and can 'leak out' of smaller spaces than regular oil. 2. Reduced Mileage.

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After draining the old oil out of your car, changing the oil filter and tightening the drain plug, use a funnel to pour the high-mileage synthetic oil into your engine the same way you would pour conventional motor oil. 4 Change your high-mileage synthetic oil every 5...

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Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil Change: Details: Our highest quality oil change available for your vehicle. Fully synthetic oil provides your vehicle and engine

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High mileage, High performance, Heavy duty, 5w30, 5w40 fully synthetic engine & motor oil reviews.

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Good engine oil will keep it cool as it runs for extended periods. Without good engine oil, your car may not survive that long. A regular oil change is crucial if

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There are oil types for high-tech engines, new cars, higher-mileage vehicles, heavy-duty/off-road SUVs and even options for different seasons (winter/summer).

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Also, diesel oils have a higher concentration of additives, which may adversely affect gasoline engine parts. 9. Synthetic Oils Will Give You Better Mileage.

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In fact, the performance of synthetic oils is supported by a considerable amount of evidence. The only problem would be if you have an engine with high mileage and a lot of deposits.

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Not only do you get a longer mileage between changes, synthetic oil takes better care of your engine during those miles. Certain formulas with high solvency act as a cleaning agent that will keep your engine clean and well lubricated in the long run.

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Cars that have more than 75,000 miles on them may be better suited by a high-mileage oil, which is a regular oil formulated for

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Older vehicles with high mileage tend to have excessive mechanical wear in the engine, allowing for internal oil leakage.

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A multi-grade oil, suitable for both summer and winter temperatures, can be left in the engine until the normal oil change mileage has been reached.