Candy crush level 126 collect all orders

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The goal of level126 is to collect 15 wrapped candies in 30 moves, while achieving 10,000 points. Level126 Cheat #1: Get the Licorice Swirls off the board, ASAP!

What does collect all orders in level 126 mean in candy crush saga?
On level 130 of CandyCrush, to collectallorders you just need to swap two striped candies five times. Remember that striped candies are f read more. The thing is you can never get back lives when your friend send it to you if you have full.

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CandyCrushLevel126 is a CandyOrderlevel, one of five level types in CandyCrush Saga. Your objective is to collect 20 blue candies, 20 red and 20 green candies in 25 moves and get 10,000 points. In order to complete a CandyOrderlevel, you will need to crush a certain number of specific.

Candy Crush Saga Level 126 No Boosters – JustPlaying - Myhiton
Collectallorders in 30 moves 15 Wrapped Candies Tips Hit the UFOs with Stripped and Stripped candy combos If short on Wrapped candy hit the UFOs with a hammer Clear the Licorice Swirl first so they are out of the way of your hitting the UFOs.

Candy Crush Level 126 Cheats and Tips - Candy Crush Saga Cheats
This is the first ‘Orderlevel – you have to collect 20 red jelly beans, 20 green and 20 blue candy: a candy is considered collected once it has been removed from the board by making a match or a chain reaction. It’s a nice and gentle introduction, and you can reach the objective on this level without.