Can you carpet on top of laminate flooring

Can carpet be laid on top of laminate flooring
Yes, laminateflooring can be laid over vinyl flooring, however, there are some considerations. First of all, inspect your vinyl flooring for any damage.

Can I install laminate flooring over carpet?
Installing laminateflooring over carpet is not recommended in most installation situations. Since carpet is usually plush and soft, your laminate

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How to install carpet over hardwood flooring tos diy best flooring over carpet solution ever skywaymom nice installing laminateflooring over tile 31 wood floor rv laminate

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We're going to lay laminatedflooring. after a number of years if we wanted to go back to carpet would we have to remove the laminatedflooring or could we carpetontop?

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Carpet vs LaminateFloor comparison. When looking at flooring options, carpets and laminatefloors are popular choices. Their cost is usually comparable and

Carpet on top of laminate floor? - MyBuilder
hi have layed a carpetontopof a laminateflooring because my customer asked for it as the house was a rental property,the biggest problem i found was that i couldnent fit the gripper to the laminate and i do not think the job looked very good after finished so my advice is that you shoul not lay hessian.

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