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Bring your own cup day 7 11 rules

Cup must be watertight. One cup per person on byo cupday. So, my friend and I crafted this giant Slurpee vessel, which follows all of the rules.. Friday and Saturday were BringYourOwnCupDay at 7-Eleven, a day when Slurpee lovers bring the biggest, weirdest, craziest cups and fill them with as. 19 and 20 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., customers can fill up their owncups with their favorite Slurpee flavor for $1.50 during "BringYourOwnCupDay.". For some inspiration, here are some of our favorite "cups" from previous 7/11BringYourOwnCupDays.. If you follow these rules, you'll be able to get in on the BringYourOwn Slurpee cup action for $1.50 between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. this Friday and Saturday. With this year's BYO CupDay, 7-Eleven is also offering a few limited edition Slurpee flavors.. 7-Eleven is bringing back its popular 'BringYourOwnCupDay' on both days from 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. For just $1.50, the price of an average medium Slurpee drink, you can fill any "cup" of your choice as long as you follow these rules. On Aug. 18-19, between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. local time, you can fill your cup with delicious Slurpee goodness for just $1.50.. There are some rules about what exactly constitutes a "cup" for 7-Eleven's BringYourOwnCupDay.. Last weekend 7-11 hosted "BringYourOwnCupDay" where customers were invited to go to any participating 7-11 store and fill any cup or cup like device to the brim from their delectable Slurpee machines. The only rules listed on the official Slurpee website are as follows: 1. Your cup must fit.. Sign Up. AUG18. 7-Eleven's BringYourOwnCupDay. Public. · Hosted by 7-Eleven.. Slurpee fans, get ready to fill up your favorite cup one more time at 7-Eleven stores at yet another BringYourOwnCup event.. Time to get creative: BringYourOwnCup returns to 7-Eleven to satisfy your wildest Slurpee dreams.. But beware of the rules: You can only bring one vessel that is no more than 10 inches in diameter. And they must fit under the Slurpee machine display, which means they can't be more than 11 inches tall.. .chain is bringing back one of the most fun promotions it puts on: BringYourOwnCupDay.. The mother of all promotions is once again upon us; 7/11's 'BringYourOwn Slurpee CupDay. ' For the low price of $1.50, customers can fill their own containers with as much Slurpee that can fit. Yeah, there are some rules, and yeah, a lot of these people did BREAK those rules.. 7-Eleven is having their famous BringYourOwnCupDay where you can bring any size cup (as long as it meets the guidelines) and fill it up for only $1.50!. Sort of. On April 11 (that's this Saturday!), Slurpee is having a "BringYourOwnCup" day at 7-Eleven, or #BYOC, if you will.. Customers can bring their owncup to fill up with their favorite Slurpee flavor for $1.50 on Friday and Saturday from 11 a.m. until 7 p.m.. Visit your local 7-Eleven on August 18th and 19th from 11am to 7pm for BringYourOwnCupDay.. 7-Eleven is letting customers bring their owncups from home to fill with Slurpees for a one-day promotion on April 11.. But sadly, there are size rules. Way to be a fun sucker, 7-Eleven.. Those rules still left plenty of wiggle room for customers to turn all sorts of items into Slurpee cups, like this guy and his rice cooker.. If you're ready to get weird with a Slurpee, 7-Eleven has good news for you. With the weather turning toward summer, the chain is bringing back "BringYourOwnCup" Day on May 19 and 20.. And this year, 7-Eleven has turned it into BringYourOwnCup Weekend.. The only rules were that the cups had to be leak proof, clean and able to hold the Slurpee drink. One customer at a 7-Eleven took a child's sled to fill up with Slurpee during 'BringYourOwnCupDay' at the weekend.. 7-Eleven has announced that they will be holding their first "BringYourOwnCupDay" from 11am to 7pm at 7-Eleven stores throughout the United States.. 7-Eleven is celebrating the start of "Slurpee season" with BringYourOwnCupDay.. $1.50 Slushies at 7-Eleven on BringYourOwnCupDay #BYOCUPDAY.. Cool off with 7-Eleven's BringYourOwn Slurpee Cupday.. personal finance Money Essentials New Rules for Retirement Calculators Finance Center.. 7-ElevenBringYourOwnCupDay-$1.50 3/18 & 3/19! by Carly Mancl on March 18, 2016.. The convenience store hosts its second annual BringYourOwnCupDay from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday, March 18, and Saturday, March 19.. 7-Eleven has this awesome promotion that allows you to bring in yourowncup and fill it up with Slurpee. The rules are as follows Cup must fit through a 10-inch diameter hole upright.. There are 6 rules to be able to enjoy this one time promo from 7-eleven. Your container must fit through the orange maCUPangyarihang standee which is around 9 inches in diameter.. Starbucks to eliminate plastic straws in stores by 2020. 02:35. Serve these boozy, easy cocktails at your July 4th party. 04:28. Hoda Kotb and Jason Kennedy sample summertime wines. 02:55. Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager celebrate National Martini Day. 00:44.. If you love a Slurpee, get to 7-Eleven right now! To celebrate the surprise return of BringYour. .byo cupday.\rSo, my friend and I crafted this giant Slurpee vessel, which follows all of the rules.. Posts Details: > Tags: Bringyourowncupday at 7-11 Categories: Funny pictures.. actually it's going to be two days and you can bringyourown container to end. 711 today or tomorrow and fill it up for a buck 50. in the past people have some ice cream buckets to cat litter control the only. rule is whatever you bring it's got to fit through a 10 inch hole and it must.. 7-Elven's "BringYourOwnCupDay" is a fan favorite among many. You bringyourowncup, fill it with whatever slurpee flavors your heart desires and pay only $1.50!. World's Largest 7-Eleven Slurpee BringYourOwnCupDay Creation That Follows the Rules.. Steal it. Anon tries to be a hero. Dear SNL, here is your Kelly Ann Conway. A normal day in my life. Don't give in! Truer words have never been spoken.. 7-Eleven let people bring their owncups. The people brought anything but.. Bringyourowncupday at 7-11. posted by kittyman 4 years ago.. 7-ElevenDay! You read that right, you prolific reading son of a bitch; today and tomorrow there are no rules (there's actually a few rules) on what you can bring to your nearest 7-Eleven and fill up with a delicious Slurpee..