Blood pressure 170 90 is it bad -

Blood pressure 170 90 is it bad

If you are getting two different types of classification for your bloodpressureit is more likely to chose the one that is considered worse, e.g. if your systolic (upper). If the bloodpressure is 170/90 (170 over 90), it means that the systolic pressure is 170 and the diastolic pressure is 90. 170/90bloodpressure can also be read as 170/90 mm Hg, or 170/90 millimeters of mercury.. 170/90bloodpressure can also be read as 170/90 mm Hg, or 170/90 millimeters of mercury. The 170 mm Hg Systolic refers to the pressure in the arteries when the heart beats, and the 90 mm Hg Diastolic is the pressure in the arteries between heartbeats. read more.. A bloodpressure of 170/90is not dangerous to the health of the patient, but the symptoms can have a negative effect on the health of the person.. Learn what your bloodpressure of 170/100 means. Find out if your bloodpressure levels or. The bloodpressure at its worst, is the number apt to do the harm. What is measured at random moments is only a glimpse of how we are when. .and 18,000+ more Doctors from across the world. Showing results for: Bloodpressure of 170 95 bad.. If your bottom number is still over 90 go see the Dr. ASAP! You are 37 and you have bloodpressure of 170 over 80 is that bad?. Is bloodpressure of 120/90 very bad? My BP was always ranging from 120-70 up to 80mmhg. Dr. Jack Rubin Dr. Rubin.. I did take inderal LA for many many years but realized it was what was causing me to have intestinal problems. I stopped taking it a few months ago because of that.. Adapt, my BP ranges from 130/60 to 170/90..its real weird, honestly it is all in your head 90% of the time.. I took on my own prewssure mcahing - which I hjad for my wofe , but was not usinf, and this monring iot was 170 over 90.. 140 over 90 (140/90) or higher (over a number of weeks): You may have high bloodpressure (hypertension). Change your lifestyle - see your doctor or nurse and take any medicines they. The Facts For the first time in 14 years, The American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology recently tweaked the script on what qualifies as high bloodpressure: Instead of a 140/90 reading (the top number, systolic pressure, is a measure of the force of pressure against your artery.. Person having 160/90bloodpressure is definitely hypertensive. Weight reduction, exercise, walking, salt restriction, at least 8 hour sleeping, fat and sugar intake restriction, to stop worrying too much are the measures you should take. First value 120-139 ORsecond value 80-90are considered as pre-high bloodpressure or pre-hypertension.. If you have just had a bloodpressure exam and your bloodpressure is 90/60, it is very likely that you have low bloodpressure, which is also known as hypotension.. Keep in mind that pre-hypertension tends to get worse if you don't make the right lifestyle choices.. Sorry, but that has changed somewhat. Although it is still true that no healthy adult man or woman should have a pressure greater than 140/90, there are now additional. You must work out/exercise. This is actually a sign of cardiac fitness. A typical bloodpressure/pulse is 120/80 bloodpressure; and a 90 beats per minute. 5) some docs start people that are 140/90 or greater on BP medications right off the bat, others take a. Considering how it is very much possible to have high bloodpressure and yet show no symptoms. High bloodpressure (also called hypertension), on the other hand, is when the systolic and diastolic bloodpressure readings are 140 and 90 or more. The pressure of the circulating blood decreases as blood moves through arteries, arterioles, capillaries, and veins; the term bloodpressure generally refers to arterial pressure, i.e., the pressure in the larger arteries, arteries being the blood vessels which take blood away from the heart.. High bloodpressure is divvied up into two categories: 140-159/90-99 is stage one hypertension, and 160/100. But its onset in the eighth or ninth decade of life was linked to lower risk of mental decline in one's 90s, her team found.. Keywords: bloodpressure, pulse, hypotension, hypertension, good or badbloodpressure levels, normal blood. > Vitamin C: Getting enough vitamin C--75 mg per day for women, 90 mg for men--can lower bloodpressure in people with mild to moderate hypertension.. It is important for a person to know the symptoms and what to look out for if their low bloodpressure starts to cause problems.. My bloodpressure 155/75 and Heart rate 72. Isit very bad ? How can i control it ? Zahid on at.. For example, if your bloodpressure is "140 over 90" or 140/90mmHg, it means you have a systolic pressure of 140mmHg and a diastolic pressure of 90mmHg.. If bloodpressure is 90/60 mmHg or less, it is referred to as low bloodpressure.. I am a T2DM patient last 15 years and on medications.My syst / diast BP at cardiologist, s office is 170/70.I am taking ARB(telmisartan 40mg) and CCB (clinidipine 10 mg) a. Isitbad? should i start a medicine. What should i do please help, I have read on the internet that, hypertension is the root cause of many diseases such as heart attack and stroke. what is your suggestion. Thank you. Kattie Female, Age: 50 years. BMI: 26 California USA.. Is this cause for alarm? I went to the doctor and he wants me to check my bloodpressure throughout the day.. When your heart is at rest, between beats, your bloodpressure falls. This is the diastolic pressure.. Some experts define low bloodpressure as readings lower than 90 mm Hg systolic or 60 mm Hg diastolic.. My b.p. is usually in the 90/70 range. Last week, it was 145/100 at the supermarket. Waited 5 mins and it went down to 136/85, then another couple. Consuming 74 grams or more of fructose daily also increased the risk of a 135/85 bloodpressure reading by 26 percent, and 140/90 by 30 percent.. From there, I interpolated and extrapolated all the other numbers. Note that these are AVERAGE relationships. For instance, instead of 140/90, your BP may be 140/100, or 140/80.. A bloodpressure that is greater than 140/90 mm Hg, or that is 15 degrees higher on the top. More than 120 over 80, but less than 140 over 90is a warning sign that you should lower your bloodpressure. Anything over 140 over 90, and you may have high bloodpressure.. Hypertension Level I: If your bloodpressure is 140/90 mmHg or more you are considered to have high bloodpressure.. I've had low bloodpressure throughout my entire pregnancy as well and my last OB appointment at 28 weeks showed that it was at 90/50 but no one had any concerns about it.. Previously, hypertension was defined as bloodpressures above 140/90 (the first number is the systolic pressure, and the second diastolic as measured in. The doctors did not seem to be concerned a bit. They just told me that after being home, laying down, check my pressure then to see what it is.. High bloodpressure is very dangerous and can often be a silent killer as you don't tend to "feel" any'll just know it was bad when your. Sometimes patients have pressure readings that are lower than 90 over 60, which is what is. Have you heard of hypotension ? This word, which is the medical term for low bloodpressure, hardly gets the attention it is due, as we are. I never can go to the doctor with not having higher than normal, last year it was 150-90, and I was having a bad day, last year check was. Although the bloodpressure results units that you are probably familiar with are expressed in mmHg it is also possible to measure bloodpressure in Kilopascals or KPa.. ever i am upset.also durng my periods it feels like the weight of my body pulls down for some reason.i got my blood preassure read by my cousin hu sed it was 90/ this bad??. Then about 2 year's ago, it went up, but, everyone in my family, but me, had high bloodpressure. so, I thought it was just part of age. Depending on the exact classification used, pressures around 140-150/90-100 would be called mild hypertension. Pressures around 150-170/100-110 would be called moderate, and pressures higher, e.g. 200/120 would be considered fairly severe. In reality bloodpressure is a continuum, and it is.. It is much more similar (and related) to heart rate. Bloodpressure must, and does, change in order to meet the body's needs.. High bloodpressure (hypertension) is a bloodpressure that is 140/90 mm Hg or above each time it is taken at the GP surgery, or home or ambulatory readings where the average is more than 135/85 mm Hg.. But too much pressure is bad. Prolonged high pressure thickens and inflames artery linings.. Targeting the ideal '120/80' bloodpressure level is no longer needed if you are on medicines for hypertension.Anything below 140/90is 'good enough'.. This morning at 8am I felt real bad, so took my bloodpressure, it was 106/34, so I have been resting most of the day. It is now 100/55, at 1pm.. It was 8 months ago. Before that surgery, I always had a normal bloodpressure with fast pulse rate because of the anxiety.. The high value is the systolic bloodpressure and is the pressure exerted against the arterial walls by blood as it is being pumped from the heart.. By lowering your blood LDL ("bad") cholesterol level, even if it is normal, you help reduce your chances of having a heart attack.. Q: Until recently, my bloodpressure stayed around 135/75. About two weeks ago, my bloodpressure suddenly shot up to 188/90.. I used to have really high bloodpressure, but I've lost a lot of weight. 80+ pounds.. This monitor has a cuff, a pressure gauge, a pump and a valve. It is used this way. When I checked my bloodpressure recently, it was 170/100. Now I have neck pain and little pain on my left hand. Why this happening?. Generally, readings of below 90 mm Hg systolic and 60 mm Hg diastolic are classified as a low bloodpressure.. It can decreases muscle power by as much as 90%. Thus, bloodpressure fluctuations determine, to some extent, ability to perform physical stunts.. Even if the normal bloodpressure for men is 120/80 mm/hg, it can vary slightly according to age. Since our body changes all the time, it is normal for our BP to change, as well.. Remember, not to wait for the home remedies to lower bloodpressure to kick in and lower it for you.. Store up to 90 readings. This is an impressive feature in light of the relatively low price range for the monitor. A lot of models in this price range offer little or no storage.. .a heart attack turned out it was a panic attack now last few days have had high bloodpressure doctor. I walked from the front room to the back room where the BP monitor is and it was 170/113!!! did it again straight after and it was 145/90 then. Your bloodpressure readings may be too high but they might not be as bad as they seem. Many simple little things can throw readings off.. For example: 122/76 (122 over 76); systolic = 122, diastolic = 76. Bloodpressure of less than 140 over 90is considered a normal reading for adults. A systolic pressure of 130 to 139 or a diastolic pressure of 85 to 89 needs to be watched carefully.. It is said that he felt normal for children. It could also result in several times a day..