Baking stove top stuffing in the oven

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StoveTop Meatloaf is all the flavor from a classic ovenbaked favorite all made in under an hour! StoveTopStuffing adds a unique twist on a classic meatloaf and packs inthe seasonings and spices you love. Served hot with mashed potatoes or as a leftover on a Meatloaf Sandwich and you love.

Can Kraft Stove Top Stuffing be prepared as required and still baked...
This is my recipe for bakingStoveTopstuffingintheoven: 3 boxes StoveTop cornbread stuffing 1 large package unseasoned stuffing mix -- or -- 6

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Inthe mean time make stuffing according to pkg directions, and then add to the top of the cheese, continue to bake till the stuffing gets a little crunchy, My