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Average starting salaries for graduates of 2007 Average starting salaries for LSB majors in the class of 2007 are again higher than the average salary across the 2007 Elon University graduates

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Collectively, engineering graduates enjoyed a 5.7 percent boost, with average offers of $56,336. Specialized majors saw even higher increases


Use this section to find the average starting salary reported by a specific type of employer to a graduate in a specific major.

Master of Business Administration (MBA) Degree Average Salary

MBA Degree - Research the salary for a business administration major, MBA starting salaries and more.

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Our Six Undergraduate Majors. (Información en español). Business Administration / International Business and Logistics (BS).

Average Starting Salary For Business Management Majors

All about my experience as business administration major at marshall school of business and what you can do to see if it would be good fit for you

Average Starting Salary by Major -- Spring 2016

Starting Salaries for last 5 semesters: Spring 2016, Fall 2015; Spring 2015; Fall 2014; and Spring 2014. Bachelor of Business Administration Salary Report (Undergraduate) as of May 30 2016. Average Starting Salary by Major -- Spring 2016.

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Related Majors. Business Administration & Management Overview. Are you a leader?

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We show the number of surveys and the average number years that an alumna/e has been in the working world. The number of years, motivation levels and the major all play a role in salary rates.

How Much Do Business Majors Make?

Business administration is a broad type of college degree, whereby students who pursue business administration have the option of choosing a concentration from a wide variety majors.

Average Starting Salary International Business Major

Salary Offers Average Economics & Business (3 double majors) N/A indicates too few or no starting salary offers were reported; a

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The average starting salary of SAP graduates was $5,000 greater than the non-SAP graduates, and for some majors the differential was as great as $10,000.

Average Starting Salary For Business Management Degree

(See table 2.) Degree major Average starting salary offer 2004 2005 2006 2007 career possibilities and the business world.

Average Salary For Business Administration Degree

Document Viewer. 10-11 Salary Data - Auburn University Major Degree Average Salary Minimum Salary Maximum Salary Business Administration B $39,737 $35

Average starting salaries for new graduates, 2016

By major. starting salary. Mathematics and Statistics Management Information Systems Computer and Information Sciences Economics Accounting Business Administration Marketing History Sociology Psychology.

2011 Accounting Graduates Earning Average Salaries of $50,000

Business administration/management majors earned $43,600, and finance majors earned $48,300, on average, the survey said. Graduates in 2011 did slightly better across the board than their 2010 counterparts, as starting salaries rose 2.3 percent.

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Are you considering majoring in Business Administration, but aren't sure what careers it will prepare you for?

Average starting salary in business administration

Average salary for an administrative assistant and financial administration? try using salary.com.

15 bachelor's degree majors with starting pay of $50,000+

The list below includes the 15 top-paying majors with average starting pay of more than $50,000 a year.

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Meghan Ford , April 23, 2018. Getting Started with Content Marketing. David Simanoff , March 26, 2018.

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Anyone who's thinking about majoring in business administration should keep the following points in mind

What Can You Do With a Degree in Business Administration?

The average salary of a commercial lender is $61,000. However, we can expect the starting salary to be less.

Careers with Starting Salaries over $40k

Starting salaries for marketing majors in the class of 2009 averaged $43,325, and this is one job where hard work pays off in managerial positions, bonuses, and more.

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Job Options and Salaries for MBAs. Are you considering going back to school to earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA)?


National Center for Education Statistics data show that after a year in the workforce, business majors earned about 16 percent more than the average salary for all majors.

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Median income salaries of business administration managers in 2010 were $73,520. The middle fifty percent earned between $52,320 and $98,990.

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#TRENDING: Liberty University. #2 Financial Manager. Mean Salary: $121,750. With a large average salary, this is one of the top business degree jobs you can find.

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Computer science and economics are top majors for getting job offers

They are followed by students who studied accounting (61.2%), engineering (59%) and business administration (54.3%).

Top 10 Graduate Finance Schools by Highest Average Starting Salary

The Average Salaries of Alumni from all of these schools all top over a hundred thousand dollars annually.

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Among business majors, finance graduates were the biggest winners, with a 10 percent increase that pushed their average starting salary from $52,800 to $58,100. Salaries for business administration majors were up 6.7 percent, to $56,000.

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However, the national average for a newly employed graduate of a business administration degree is $35,000 to $42,000 per year. Those who have 1 or 2 years of previous business administration experience can expect to earn a starting salary of $47,000 to $50,000 per year.

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Job salaries salary by major descriptions of majors unemployment by major satisfaction by major still in field by major students who searched for average starting salary for a masters degree gradte found the following

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Compared to the average starting salary of $50,100 a year for economics degree recipients, starting salaries for majors in accounting, finance and

Starting Salaries in Business: How Much Can you Make?

Starting salaries for business school grads. Salary ranges from Associates to PhD.

Salary Survey - Starting Salaries By Academic Major 2016

Of these majors, engineering students are expected to be the most highly paid, with an average salary projection of $64,891.

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A major in Parks, Recreation and Leisure Studies involves a combination of classes in business administration, physical education, and sports science.

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The average salary of a Kellogg/ Hong Kong UST Business School EMBA graduate three years after graduating way 478,379 U.S. dollars.

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Other business majors with average starting salaries that topped $50,000 include construction management, finance and financial management services, and business/managerial economics.

Average Business Administration Starting Salary 2008-09

Undergraduate Student Profile by Major. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Graduates: 1216. Average Business Administration Starting Salary 2008-09

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Other firms typically pay less, with the disparity increasing as you move down the prestige rankings and you grow more senior within the firm. 2) Average starting salary for undergraduate business students

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The starting salary is above average, when compared to other professionals with college degrees, and job opportunities are abundant in most major cities.

Starting Salaries of New Assistant Professors

Tables I shows the starting salaries of assistant professors in 66 different academic fields.

Best College Majors for Your Career 2017-2018

7. Business Administration. Getty Images. Starting salary: $46,300. Mid-career salary: $76,800.

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Management Business Administration Major - Related Careers - Salary Information.

Bachelor of Business Administration Salary

The average starting salary for graduates is $44,171 depending on location and type of job. A starting marketing manager with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree will earn about $57,750 per year.

Average Salary with a Masters in Healthcare Administration Degree

In fact, some of the top administrators at major healthcare facilities make over half a million dollars annually, and some earn even more when you factor in bonuses and other perks. Average Salary by Employer. With a degree in healthcare administration, the salary you can expect to make depends...

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Historic DBA Salaries. Average salary range for database administrators and related IT professionals for the past three years: Job Title.

Business Administration Salary By State - Salary By State

The total number of jobs available in the Admin Services Manager market is about 254,300 and will see growth of 15% which is an average growth rate for all jobs.

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More than just the traditional majors in Business Administration, online students also have the freedom to focus their studies in Marketing


digitalisation of businesses driving a need for specialist talent, we expect salaries to grow further in 2016.

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Follow. Add a Salary. US Small Business Administration Salaries. Updated January 11, 2018. 90 salaries (for 60 job titles).

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Marine biologists earn an average starting salary of $39,000, with a high-end of around $57,000 - with 6-9 years of field experience and an advanced degree.


The starting salary ranges provided on the previous pages reflect the national averages for each position.

What is the Average Salary with an MBA in Healthcare Administration?

The United States Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, states that the average salary for medical and health service related managers in May 2009 was $$90,970.

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The typical megachurch in the survey was started or founded in 1977 (midpoint year11), or 33 years ago.

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The average salary of Penn Engineering majors (not including computer science related) was $74,152 compared to the national average of $61,819.

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The evaluation includes the starting salary range of permanent positions in various industrial sec-tors in the UAE.