At what intervals should a baby be fed

Are feeding intervals counted from the time my baby starts or stops...
How often should I breastfeed? Your newborn shouldbe nursing 8-12 times per day for about the first month. If you feel like you're feeding your little one

What should a baby be doing at 5 months? - Quora
The babyshouldbe able to roll or attempt to roll. Expect giggles as well. Ababy this age will be learning to use his or her hands and will be getting

How often should I breastfeed my baby? - BabyCentre UK
Your baby may want to feed more often, or for longer, at night. This is normal, because your body produces more prolactin, the hormone that makes milk, at

The Best Feeding Schedule for Your Baby - What to Expect
How much baby food should you feed your little one and when should you start on a three-meals-a-day plan? What's the ratio of solids to liquids — and should both be on the menu at the same time? Read on for answers to these questions and for simple guidelines to setting up ababy-food feeding.

At what age should a baby be christened?
babies shouldn't be baptised. at whatever age a child can understand the meaning of the ceremony and has a real choice, then they can be baptised. as the