Are whale sharks the biggest fish in the ocean

Whale Shark Facts: Discover The Biggest Fish In The World
The whalesharkisthebiggestfishinthe world. Several unverified reports of giants over 18 m (60 ft.) long exist, but thebiggest individual of a confirmed size was 12.65 m (41.5 ft.) long and weighed roughly 21.5 tons. Despite its huge size, the whalesharkis a docile creature that poses no threat to.

Whale Sharks in Philippines, Cebu Island - Self-Planned Trip
Whalesharkisthebiggestshark and the largest fishinthe world. Its length can reach 18 meters, but usually the length of an adult sharkis about 10-12 meters. They feed plankton, spent most of the time at the surface and swim very slowly, often no more than 5 km / h. In fact, they have a lot of small teeth.